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We've had our girls name picked out for years, Evelyn Grace, or Evelyn Marie after my husband's Grandmother, his grandmother's middle name was Marie. Boys names, however are a different story. We haven't come up with anything that we like, or agree upon. So I am really really really hoping we have a girl
I'm so sorry you're going through this. I don't know what it is about ptegnancy that people think they can and should share their opinions, the concerns (founded or unfounded) or share their horror stories, etc.etc.etc. One of the ways you could celebrate baby is to go and get a prenatal massage, relax while someone does something good for you and your baby.
I've done pilates for the last 3 years 2x a week with a personal trainer, had to stop during our IVF cycle, then was cleared to go back to exercise at 12weeks, weather was bad, then caught a nasty cold so finally went back to pilates at 14 weeks and oh how I had missed it. My trainer is certified in prenatal pilates. I'm thinking of taking a prenatal yoga class as well. It feels good to be active again!
I can't remember if I commented on this, I'm due 8/26!
Yay! What wonderful news and what a beautiful addition to your family! Blessings to you all!
I never really talk about my provider, people who are important to me know the choices my husband and I have made and support and love us. As for acquaintances and casual friends we don't really discuss it with them. Our philosophy is, if you tell people your birth choices before you have the baby everyone feels like they need to share their opinion with you, if you tell them after the baby is born, they say oh wow and either ask genuine questions and are interested or...
My best did the traditional hospital child birth classes with her first child. She wanted a non-medicated birth, but ended up with a typical hospital McBirth. When she was pregnant with her second child she did hypnobabies, she practiced and followed the program and downloaded some of the relaxation stuff on her iPod. I was her doula at both births. Her second birth was non-medicated, peaceful, she was totally relaxed, it was very impressive.
I have a friend who had very similar results to yours last year. Can't remember what the exact #'s were but her baby is just fine, no downs. He'll be a year next month, he is healthy, beautiful and absolutely perfect. Whatever your out come, all Will be well. Praying for you and your family.
Knittedmama, I'm an IVF mama too and a knitter! We were released from our fertility clinic at 9weeks, it was a wonderful day and kind of sad too, after 7 years of being their patient I have missed the wonderful and supportive nurses and staff and our Dr was great! I'm 12 weeks now, we've picked our midwife and are planning :joya homebirth I did have a Dr's apt Monday with my regular OB, my midwife does except insurance, but the lab she uses doesn't except our insurance, ...
Thankyou for all of the Questions! We met with our Midwife, my husband works long hours, so she kindly agreed to meet us on a Saturday afternoon. It was a wonderful visit and we are so looking forward to working with her. What a wonderful and blessed time of life this is! Such a gift!
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