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Am I the only one who thought of Joey on Friends?    
Really, I think this is about right.  From what I can tell, Mesoamerican scholars have found Maya references to events that happened before this cycle of the Long Count calendar, and to prophecies that would happen after this cycle ends.   It's not the end of the calendar, it's the end of the cycle. (This link in particular is quite interesting, as is this one.)   From the first link:     Admittedly, I have not spent much time studying Maya culture, but I put much more...
Yup, totally.
My dd started Montessori at 2 1/2, and it worked well for her.   We talked with the teacher, then met with her twice before dd started the school.  For one of those times, dd came with us, explored the classroom and spent time with the teacher so she felt comfortable with her and with the space before starting.  We also would observe regularly (through a one-way mirror they had set up).
I'd love to hear more ideas from folks, too.  I have a five year old that has math and phonics work to do, and a two year old that wants to be with his big sister every moment.  I offer him his own "schoolwork" to do, playdough, toys...but it's not working very well.  I'm always tempted to use the tv, but really, really don't want to do that.   Thinking now, maybe a special activity he can only do when she is doing her work would help.  Not sure what that would be...
The knives I use are not expensive, but I like them.  It's the brand recommended by Chef's Illustrated, which is Victorinox (I also have some low end Henkels, which I don't recommend - go for the high end if you go with brands like Henkel or Wustoff).  For me, the more important thing is to maintain the knives properly, honing with each use and sharpening frequently, so I got a Chef's Choice 130 sharpener.  Love it.   Personally, I prefer the combo of inexpensive...
Yes to all below.  The first part, about being sick, I would understand, but the second part would rub me the wrong way.  Not only because it seems to assume that I have no manners, but also because there is an implication that mothers who don't home birth don't want or don't need to be "mothered" as well. 
5'3" tall, 28 cm humerus
We have this one as well, and I like it. 
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