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Thanks capretta, now if I can just remember to take my temp BEFORE I get up and get my coffee... lol
Hi ladies, I think I'm going to join you. My iud just fell out today and I don't think I'm going to get another! The side effects were killing me (or at least attempting to make me crazy)! I'm not really sure when to start charting, I haven't had a period in months. I had the mirena, so should I wait for a period or just start in the morning? Looking forward to getting to know you in the coming months!
I have 4 boys who are all intact. I have never done anything special to care for them, and I really haven't taught them to do anything other than wash normally. We've never had any problems with infections or anything. HTH
I'd love to check it out but I can't find the link. I sure hope I'm not just being dumb
I know a really great Realtor if you need one! Let me know and I can PM you her details.
So, he has always been small, around the 5th %-ile. At his 2 year well-baby he weighed about 27lbs. Then in February he got a really bad stomach bug and got really dehydrated. We took him to the hospital and he had lost about 4lbs and had to stay there for 4 days. Since then he had gained weight and was at 26, so still not up to pre-sickness weight, but in the last month he has lost a pound. I guess my question is: Should this be concerning? Some days he eats fairly well...
Quote: Originally Posted by akichan I love the spelling of Nathanael. I would have liked to name my son that and spell it that way. : Congratulations! Thanks
Well, he's been here for 11 days now. Born June 19th at 1:49am. He weighed 7lb 3oz and was 20 inches long. We went ahead with a semi-induction, all they had to do was break my water to get thing going. The reason was, My blood pressure started to go up a few days before that, and it was not coming back down. I was glad though, because when they broke my water there slight meconium staining. We're both doing well, and he's nursing great. I'll try to figure out how to...
My first was 16 hours from first ctx to the end, 1.75 hours of that was pushing 1 hour before water broke 45 mins after. #2: 2 weeks of prodromal labor, I was up to 6 cm,stretchy to 8cm. My midwife broke my water and he was born in under 2 hours with 15 mins of pushing. #3: Prodromal labor for 4 weeks, was up to 4 cm. Went to hosp. in the middle of a snow storm, they broke my water and from start to finish was 3.5 hours. With him I never had to push, the ctx did it...
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