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Rhona Holganza in PC. Ok with delayed or no vax IME. We are happy with her. And a lot of local mamas make the trip up to Lakewood Ranch to see Dr. Sevilla.
If I win this, I just might get dh to use it!  He's never worn our babies before :(
I haven't been on MDC in forever, but I felt the need to revive this thread!  Man, this new format is confusing!  Hi Nicka!  How is teaching going?  
Hi Mamas! I definitely plan on hosting a potluck when M. comes to visit. They will be here from the 10th-14th, but i have to check with her and see what her schedule is like. I'll get back to you guys M- are you still thinking about the park tomorrow? LMK. Dd has gymnastics at 4pm, but we are free before that. Or even during if you are available.
Hi Mamas! We haven't all gotten together all at once in a long time! A potluck sounds lovely! I haven't even been to the park days. I'm just so burned out. You guys know how it is. A- did you get my email about the sitter? A and D- did you hear that dance is moving?
D- give them a call. I'm pretty sure kinderdance is on Tue, but I don't remember the time. If you want to participate in the gift swap they ask that you bring a $5-$7 gift. Did you know that you have a mailbox there? Every family has one, so be sure to look for it.
Mommariffic- clear out your PMs
I'm guessing tomorrow is a no M. Okay so next Thursday for sure! Anytime is fine with me. LMK what works for you Mamas. I'll try and figure out a not too messy project for the kids to do. Bring 4 dozen cookies and an empty container.
M, I don't want you guys to miss out! Is it too short notice for going ahead with this Friday? Can everyone make it? If not, next Thursday? Sorry for being so flakey about the days, but it seems we have something going on everyday with dd's activities and dr appts. Nicka and Tina- would you guys be able to make it? It's a bit of a trip but its for cookies
Mama's I think this Friday is not good for me. Tues? M, can you play hooky from work? A and D- next week is party week at dance, so you need to check the schedule to see which day kinderdance is. Have the girls started their dances yet?
New Posts  All Forums: