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Thank you for all of your support. Had an u/s yesterday. No heartbeat. 2nd miscarriage for me. :-( Good luck everyone.
Thanks for all of your support. Had an u/s yesterday. No heartbeat. 2nd miscarriage for me. :-( Good Luck everyone!
Hello and   
Thanks so much callie!  Thanks so much cricket!  Your kind words make me tear up!  Another symptom! 
I'm also pregnant after loss. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage sometime around 11w (although it measured around 9w).  Right now I wonder all of the time, "am I still pregnant?"  I think about my symptoms or lack of symptoms.  I get slight nausea at nights and tend to get dizzy. I get headaches. Bloat. Crazy dreams. I was super hormonal, but I seem to be less hormonal now?? I get some food cravings. Sore breasts.  So that is all good, I guess. I will be 9w exactly...
How I would love sushi now!  No sushi for me. Been trying to stay away from the lunch meats but I do give in every once in a while. I love runny eggs and get them from a good source so I am not worried about it -- I know what you mean about the supermarket eggs -- don't trust them.    I have also been trying to stay away from GMO's but have not been doing a very good job of it as they sneak them in everywhere.     Last night I was craving peanut butter and sausage --...
Hi!  Please add me. EDD is August 30th! This is my second pregnancy but it will be my first child. My SO thinks it is a girl but I'm hoping for a boy. 
Hi everyone!!! Nice to meet you all!   I am 8w5d along and very hopeful.  This is my second pregnancy, first was a miscarriage.  Hugs to everyone!!
I'm so far away....this Saturday I'll be at 9 weeks. Almost three weeks which seems like an eternity.  I keep wondering, am I still pregnant?? Feeling slightly nauseous today which is a good sign. Sigh....
I know what you mean about being anti social. My SO and I got into a very heated discussion about it. He thought that I didn't want any of his friends over - not true! I'm just fn hormonal and feel like crying or screaming half the time. At the end of the day I can' t even deal with going to the grocery store, I just want to go home. The other day I was afraid that I would never be myself again.
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