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Thanks for the link- I will have to check their newsletter sounds like it might have some good tips!
Wondertime had a bunch of other great articles- one about re-purposing a living room to a play space, some great creative ideas in there. Thanks again for the link- I hadn't ever heard of it and it looks like it has a lot of great ideas! For those that have a subscription, is it worth it or can you get the majority of it online?
I'm a list person as well...but having people that help hold me accountable helps too
Quote: Originally Posted by GracieBugsMama It's interesting, I was just reading an article about this very subject in Wondertime magazine (and pondering how I could make this work in dd's {much smaller} playroom!) Here's the link to the article online: http://wondertime.go.com/life-at-hom...-playroom.html Hope that helps some. Great article- thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Golden Where did you get the one with the rubber to aovid pinching? One Step Ahead has a folding potty seat they claim doesn't pinch.
Freecycle is good or check with your local zoo- they're on the list of wanted items here. When I asked about it they said they used them for behavioral training.
I hope you can come up with a good solution for you and your family. Quote: Originally Posted by naturallyspeaking I'm almost willing to go through short sale or like Dave said the other day "deed in leiu of foreclosure without recourse" but my husband absolutely hates the idea. I think with this, we still need to pay tax on the debt forgiveness, am I right? Yes, you will owe taxes on it- IRS considers it "phantom income" even though it...
Here you can download the reference guide for the book (scroll to bottom) it has the quiz, sample room function charts and some other helpful things
Some more great tips- thank you! I'm starting to pack up the things in the kitchen that are going to require a little extra cushioning, and the small stuff like spices/etc, and then I'll just load the cans/etc up in open boxes/tubs/laundry baskets and unpack when I get there! Thanks again
Great job! I hope to do the same...I find so much inspiration on here
New Posts  All Forums: