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Wow.  This is great! Thank you so much! You have give me lots of great ideas to think about.  I'm trying to moderate and balance both academic and more exploratory style learning.  It's just that he's entering into a "I LOVE FLASHCARDS" phase so I'm going along with it. 
I appreciate the honesty and suggestions.  I am not a fan of rigid academic learning for toddlers either.  I do read a lot to him and we visit the library for storytime.  Perhaps a better way to phrase the question would be how other mothers are exposing their young toddlers with fun and creative ways.  My son may be a geek but he's going through a period of fussiness where he won't eat unless you start showing him the alphabet book, colors book, or a Chinese language...
I have a 16 month old whom I'm not sure is gifted or not. I know he's too young to be tested or or labeled anyway. However,I was wondering if people can share their ideas on what you can expose your young toddler to that will be both educational and fun. At 15 months, he recognized letters, colors, and 1 to 10. I don't count number of words anymore because it's fairly large between 2 languages. He's now 16 months and I'm debating what else I can "teach". He's really...
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