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evan michael was born at 41w 3d on 3/4 t 222am via successful med free vbac! he had mild shoulder dystocia but is doing fine! he was 8lb 4oz 19in!!
I am 40 weeks and 5 days. I had my OB check today. I am 2.5cm dilated 60% effaced. I had membrane sweeping done. It didn't hurt a bit. I'm hoping it'll start things soon. Did anyone else have their membranes swept? Did you go into labor from it and when? This is my 3rd baby and the 1st time i've had it done so i'm not sure what to expect.
Still hanging in there over here at my house. Was originally due 2.15, moved to 2.22 because he was measuring a week small and still preggo 2.25, hopefully soon I will get to see this little guy!
Still waiting here!
Are there any groups for mom/baby/toddler get-togethers around Holyoke, S.Hadley, Springfield, Chicopee, etc? :)
I am new. My name is Elaina. I have 2 girls. Expecting a boy around 2/15.
I wanna say i'm at 30 lbs. I was expecting to gain this much. I'm 5'6 and 120-125 lbs normally.
With my first it was 45min to an hour. I had an epi though so that could  have contributed!
The thing i'm most looking forward to is being able to see my crotch again. LOL!
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