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The  midwives who do hospital deliveries work through Jackson County health Department.
We really like the Hampton Inn and Suites near Seattle center. There is a 24 hour grocery across the street(QFC) a terrific spot for a bite to eat right behind(Citizen), a McMennamins brewpub less than a 10 minute walk away,and you are only 2 blocks from Seattle Center where you can be a tourist and then catch the monorail to Westlake Center,not far from Pike Place. Have a great time!
Not a lot in the town of Hoopa,a little more in the town of Willow Creek,about 30 minutes down the road. Plenty to do out on the Salmon River if you are into being outdoors. The store in Soames Bar is a good resource for info.Otter Bar lodge is a world class kayaking school out that way and there is plenty of hiking to do,the PCT runs near there. Camping would be the way to go,I don't think that the hotels in Hoopa are exactly "classy". I would be happy to give you more...
I am a mom to 3 from S Oregon who will be traveling through the state and up into Washington(as far as Seattle) in 2 weeks. I would be happy to be volunteer my kids as "vectors" to transmit these pox far and wide! If anyone between Medford(heck,even N CA) and Seattle has kids with pox or are busy spreading pox to others and will have kids with pox(hopefully!) anytime between May 17th and memorial day,I would love to stop by and expose my kids. I ,in turn,will open my S...
I was pondering this also with my thrice(knowingly) exposed soon to be 12 year old son. I guess a titer is the only way to know for sure. My biggest concern for him should he contract them as an adult is that he won't have mom there to help him feel better and he might have to miss work!
How about a bump ,for some itchy chicken pox bumps? Anyone have any new news?
Hi there ! I am a Phoenix mama,not too far from you. My mom lives in Ashland so we are there regularly. You are so right about all of the fun things to do in the area,and I keep hearing about new places to see and things to do regularly. Nice to meet you!
I once actually had my ex bro in law convinced that somewhere in Arcata,CA they were recycling dryer lint into fleece material for sweatpants and such! I even pointed out the store that sold them. Neat idea though?!?
Yesterday one of my 2 1/2 year old twins was sitting on the counter watching me cook. She took the last swig off of a jug of juice,looks at me and says "This is the life! " I have to agree with her!
35 minutes.KK was vertex,born at 0809 and CC was a frank breech born at 0844.
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