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Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird first, i don't really think we should choose (or not choose) names out of fears like whether or not someone will get made fun of for it. i had a perfectly common name and got made fun of. so who cares? second, i tend to think of an unusual name like a litmus test. people who like it are cool, and people who don't can whatever. i don't really care. i named my son Hawk Octavian. i grant you, it's a massive...
Donny and Marie
I'd be interested!
I'm taking my newborn with me to see New Moon later today I took my other two to many a movie as babies as well. DD would just nurse and sleep until she was around 18 months old, but ds was only 6 months when he got too noisy to make it through. We'll see how this newest babe does!
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen What's not healthy about that? Lots of butter, heavy cream and sausage
Ours isn't healthy, either, but again, I only make it once a year. I make shrimp and grits and it is fabulous.
Both my 2 year old and 4 year old talk in their sleep. Sometimes you can understand them, sometimes you can't. They're often complaining about something, saying 'no,' or fussing at us in their sleep. It always amuses me. It doesn't worry me - I'm far more worried that they'll start sleep walking, something that runs in my family. I slept walked right out of the back door of our house and about 1/2 an acre back into our yard when I was two (mom woke up hearing me...
I had all three of my children at home with no problem. There is no reason why simply being a first time mom should rule out homebirth for anyone.
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