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Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Yes, we are quite open about kissing and breasts in our house. And "IMO" (which is in my earlier post) means "in my opinion." But that's the exact point. YOU are, but not all families of 10 year olds are. It's about respecting the different standards of different families.
We cloth diaper exclusively and continue to do so when we fly, camp, whatever. It's really not that big of a deal other than the space for packing, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by MommyMad I'd like to know what laundry detergent you use to wash LO's clothes. I plan on using regular Tide with Bleach for the cloth diapers, but wondering if I should use something different for the baby's regular clothes. Also, what about fabric softener? Yay or nay? I guess it's apparent by this post that I am due in a few weeks, but have not done any laundry. Well, I'd skip the fabric softener. It has...
For my kids, who are younger, we have enjoyed the Usborne World Religions book. It devotes a page or two to each religion, so it's not to overwhelming and a good jumping off point if they want to study further. So far all that we have read seems fairly unbiased.
$6.50ish a gallon. Our supply is about 5 minutes away.
Quote: Originally Posted by bjorker I've been watching "Modern Family" on Hulu. No coming out, but the gay couple adopts a baby, and there are lessons of acceptance from the father of one of the guys. Though I have to say by far my favourite example of acceptance in popular culture (on TV) is on HGTV. Sometimes the people on their shows, IE House Hunters, are straight, and sometimes they're not, and there's no hoop-dee-doo or special show for the gay...
Yup, I'm just fine waiting
We don't formally pick the name until we see the baby, but we usually have some possibilities picked out - and we don't tell people those. And we just lie and say 'Nope, no ideas yet!' rather than deal with them moaning and complaining that we won't tell them names.
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