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 I find this to be very true also. DS is nearly 8 months old, and also very rarely naps longer than a cycle (40 min about) if he's not in the carrier or latched (or both!). I can usually put him down after he's asleep, unlatch (takes a few tries, but it works most of the time) and go do stuff. I know his sleep cycle is 40 min, so after 35 I'll stay near by ans when he starts moving go lie down next to him. Then, again, latch, unlatch, and get up (takes a few minutes)....
I'm sorry for your losses, that must have been really difficult   I joined MDC because I have yet to make any parent friends (DS is 7 months old), and yup, it gets lonely at times! Still trying though, but it's hard to find people who are like-minded.
Baby led weaning:   http://www.babyledweaning.com/   Basically, you give large pieces of food and the baby self-feeds. We have done avocado, banana, cooked apple, sweet potato and squash like that.   Maybe try red or white kidney beans? They're really soft. I'd add lemon maybe? Garlic? I'm new to this too, so just brainstorming   DS likes red lentil mush with mild curry powder.
Hi!   I also have a 7 month old and we're not buying baby food. Have you heard of baby led weaning (self-feeding)? We are doing a bit of that and some purées. Were you looking for recipes? Or just suggestions on what foods to introduce?   I recently found out I can give DS spices (not like hot spices, but basil, cinnamon, cardamom etc). He really enjoys bananas and cinnamon, much more than plain old banana. It keeps it interesting I guess 
I agree, you can't spoil a baby. Hold him as much as you want to. And congratulations! 
Hi!   I had over supply/over active let down with DS. It also took about a month to pass. Sometimes nursing him while I was reclined helped (he was on top of the breast, does that make sense?). But mostly just waiting it out.   In our case, DS also reacts to dairy. I can't have any at all or he'll be crying for a day or two (he is not a fussy baby otherwise). I have heard it takes a few weeks to get out of your system though. Just something to consider   Let us know...
Hi! Welcome back!   How old are your kid(s)?
Welcome to Mothering!   Congratulations on the summer baby!
 That's how my experience was too. The pushing was just happening, I wasn't consciously pushing. And I couldn't not push had I tried. I also thought pushing was so much better than the last part of contractions (transition)! I pushed for one hour, but as exhausting as it was, it didn't seem like that long. I will sound very hippie here, but: Pushing felt like Life was just passing through me to get DS out. Like lightning bolts or something, but not in a bad way. It's hard...
I can't help, but I'm curious about this too. DS is 6 months and take nearly all his naps in the Ergo.
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