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I am posting this as a follow-up to my housebound thread- We actually left the house as a family!! All 7 of us And it wasn't that bad. Saturday we went out to my inlaws house for a family BBQ/fireworks. It is about a 30 min drive and both babies slept on the way out there. I couldn't have done it without another adult to help me though. It took me and dh to get Cooper and all his equipment loaded into the van. Once we got out there and got him unloaded and set up it...
Thanks so much for all the responses! It helps alot just to know there are other moms out there who understand what my life is like. I admit my situation is somewhat self-imposed because the idea of getting everyone out by myself just overwhelms me. I have a nice big stroller that I could get the vac & pulseox in the basket. And I could probably strap the O2 tank onto it somehow as well. We do bolus feeds during the day and he's only on the feeding pump at night so...
Hello~ I'm new to this forum at MDC. I have been reading here as I get a chance since the birth of my twins. My second twin was deprived of oxygen during his birth and as a result has severe brain damage. His offical diagnosis is hypoxic eschemic encephilopathy. We have been painted a pretty bleak picture by the neurologist who basically said he'll be a vegetable- never walk or talk. She said he is blind & deaf too but we now know he is not. He doesn't have a suck or...
I second the scented wool wash. I've tried a couple of different ones and I love MonkeySudz in Soapy Clean flavor.
This is the first time I haven't started back at 8wks PP! It's almost 7mos now and I spotted a little this week. I'm willing it to go away! : I have been wondering why this is the only time I haven't resumed my cycles -I am guessing it must be related to the amount of milk I'm producing.
Hi- I'm new to the twins forum My boys are named after their father and my dad- Hayden Dudley and Robert Cooper (we call them Hayden & Cooper). It took forever to come up with names. I think they were 2 or 3 days old when we finally agreed on names. We never considered rhyming but with twins it seems important that the names flow well together.
Cult is a good way to put it- I've found myself trying to recruit my friends! :
Haven't seen it mentioned so I thought I'd add- I got a bottle of California Baby Diaper wash and I loved it. I comes in a spay bottle. When it ran out I just mixed up my own- distilled water, witch hazel, calendula oil, aloe vera, tea tree & lavender- and reused the nice spay bottle. It works great on diaper rash!
I'm not sure what our hot water temp is but it's pretty hot. We have a gas hot water heater and it never runs out of hot water. I thought that that would be enough too but the dipes kept reinfecting Hayden. I am gonna try the grape seed extract though- I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
Ok I'll try to make this as short as possible and still explain the situation- I have twin boys- 6mos old. I put them in cloth after about 1 month and I [I]love[I] my cloth dipes! The problem is that my 2nd twin has serious medical problems due to a birth injury and has had several hospitalizations and rounds of antibiotics so as a result he has chronic yeast. Right after I got them both into cloth full time we all had a horrible round of thrush/yeasty diaper rash and it...
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