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This is my second year doing the treasure map and I'm excited to get started.  Yesterday was a very strange and somewhat traumatic day in lots of areas.  I was very confused.  But now, I feel energized.  I see focus and purpose.  I think the confusion from yesterday actually helped prioritize things for me.   I got a couple of magazines and I'm going to journal a little bit, go through the magazines and really get moving tomorrow.   Last year I did mine at night...
I got a Kwan Yin statue as well.  I grew up in Hong Kong but was raised Catholic.  I remember seeing people offering fruits, incense, red candles to her. I've been feeling a much closer connection with her and she is amazing!  I haven't talked too much about her to my girls... but what a wonderful idea! xo
Thanks!!  Our library has DK Encyclopedia of Science.  We'll check that out first and then probably order the other one.  
DD10 would like to learn more about science.  She is in a science class but she wanted to learn more.  She loves to read and I think it would be fun for her to do some experiments as well.  Right now she is interested in learning more about gravity, electrons, planets, galaxy.  I'm looking for something more self-contained where she can pull out and read when she wants.  Ideas?
Well, she had a hard time understanding the questions in Singapore math.  She doesn't like how the book explains the concepts.  She doesn't understand why she "has" to do 99 + 4 as 100-1 + 4 (I explained to her of course, but...).  She likes manipulatives.  She likes stories. We tried Story of Fred (or something like that) but she got frustrated when she got to the bridge part.  I think she needs more hand holding than I'm giving her! She loves to read, write short...
DD10 complained a lot about Singapore Math.  She did both 2B & 3A.  I end up getting her some kumon workbooks and she likes them okay.  I'm thinking about getting Math-U-See.  Yay or Nay?  Or other suggestions?  
I have gladstar's book and really like it.  If you're new to paganish herbal books, which one would you recommend?  Magical Household, Cottage Witchery or??
I'm excited to find this new thread.  I homeschool my 2 girls (10, 6).  I was raised Catholic; then agnostic for most of my adult years and really drawn to the goddess tradition the last year or so. Dd#1 has been asking me the last few years whether I believe in "god"; and being agnostic I've always said I don't know (but that some people believe in one god and others don't).  She thought I was hiding something from her.  Now I talk to her about the different goddess...
  Yes, yes, yes!  It would be very helpful to have a thread like that for pagan newbies. BTW, I saw your link for the beliefnet quiz, and that was great!
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