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Maybe there is something to the stereotype if you average everyone. But I know so many exceptions to that "rule" that, then again, maybe it's just completely wrong. I never got moody or melodramatic as a teen... One of my nieces does, the other doesn't. My son has gotten easier with every passing year though we haven't quite hit the teen years yet.   As kids hit their teen years, their sleep needs go up. Maybe part of the problem is kids not getting enough sleep.
A couple people took my son's picture while he was trick or treating. I didn't think there was anything odd about that. He had an awesome costume, after all:-) I can totally see someone wanting to take pictures of all the cute kids that came to their door. 
Yeah, it's pretty silly trying to have unschooling fit a school model:-) We have to keep attendance in our state, too.
I fear I will fall in love with ironed sheets and want them ironed everyday, lol. I'm very picky about my sheets... Have to be all cotton and the thread count has to be just so. I once overheard a woman in a store scoffing at thread counts saying "I don't count while I'm sleeping!" I'm envious but I also pity her that she can't tell the difference:-)
I've been intrigued with the ironed sheet thing... I'm half tempted to try it some day. The top edge of the flat sheet can be annoying because it bunches up during the laundry process. I've taken to putting it on upside down so the deep bunched up hem is by my feet and the small bottom hem is by my head...   I'd iron dh's clothes if he had a job interview. Or maybe if we were going to a wedding, I live in jeans and t-shirts and can't remember the last time I wore...
I agree. But keep in mind a four year college that is not associated with a university should also result in the teachers being professors rather than grad students. That was something I looked at when I was applying to colleges back in the day. I ended up having one or two new teachers in my 4 years at a liberal arts college but not any TAs.
I think they are about to do away with that option.
It's completely strange how many people have their settings on public. A friend of a friend just let the world know she's home alone because her husband is away and her child is out with someone. I know her name. Her profile tells me her town and I can google the exact address. I could be a psycho at her door in 10 minutes. I'm not particularly paranoid but I don't trust all my friends to only be FB friends with completely harmless people even though that's likely the...
Even if that's the case, erigeron, I don't want my conservative aunt seeing my exboyfriend's status and my reply, because I commented on it and his settings are for friends of a friend.   Right, Limabean, you'll all see anything posted on the group page and receive notifications that there is a post on the group (if you don't turn off notifications.) Posts on the group will show up on your newsfeed. But if an individual sends you a pm, it will go in the "other" inbox....
I do clean out my friends list from time to time. There were some childhood friends or people I babysat as kids that asked to be friends. It was nice touching base with them. But after that, if there has been no interaction for a year, I unfriend them. The problem with FB is that any friend of a friend can see your status updates if your mutual friend commented on it (even if you have your settings on friends only it pops up on that sidebar thing on the right.) And so many...
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