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That is insane! That leaves 6 hours for everything else and I need 9 hours of sleep or my health suffers. Maybe when your girls are older and more self sufficient, leaving them with your SO will be an option, depending on his health? If you can see your way through just working part time for now, juggling working while homeschooling will be easier when the kids are older. Possibly there is a homeschooled teen who could babysit? I started working very part-time (about 25...
I made a dentist appointment for myself. That means I can coast for the rest of the month, doesn't it? Well except for the day I have to actually go    Yesterday, I did a ton of laundry. All caught up with the bedding and towels from guests! 
In my mind, a thank you note for any gift given in person is not necessary. You thank them in person when you open the gift. If you open it later, after they've left, then you need to write/email/call them to thank them. But I'd probably still send thank you notes if it is a more formal event. I sent them for my baby shower..   If a gift is shipped, for God's sake, let the person know that their package arrived! I'm still wondering about a package I sent about 5 years...
Never before Epiphany. We've actually postponed celebrating until Jan 5th so we could enjoy Christmas without the stress of family obligations, cleaning for company, etc. We get the decorations up right before Christmas. And some years we've had decorations still knocking around right before Easter and put them away while bringing Easter things out. 
Mellow    It was just the three of us Christmas morning. We opened stockings and had bacon and cran-orange banana walnut bread for breakfast. My Mom came home for dinner with one of my siblings and we had cannelloni that had been made ahead of time for dinner.   We'll have company this weekend and exchange a few gifts. But we're doing our household gift exchange on the 12th day of Christmas. It's really nice not having to be entirely ready for Christmas on the 25th:-) 
My son was particularly pleased with a pair of cheap fingerless gloves and nail clippers. 
How else will kids learn that sometimes Mama is right? 
I finished knitting stockings for dh, ds, and myself:-) I've been wanting to do this for years but finally prioritized them this year since I wasn't trying to knit gifts for a zillion people. I'm not entirely happy with the colorway on ds's but now we can stop using the random mismatched ones from dh's and my childhood. Ds had been using mine and I've just not used one. But I think it's good for kids to see that Christmas is for adults, too, so I'll put a chocolate bar and...
I remember learning to read... I was 6 1/2. I was being taught the "see/say" method (memorizing sight words) which made no sense to me. So it was a bit ironic that my son was more of a sight reader. Anyway, as a parent, I thought it was nice having this memory of learning to read and the frustration of others' expectations. And it was great being able to tell people "Well, I couldn't read at that age, either!" My dh learned to read when he was 3 so he was a bit worried...
Often our stuffed stockings were laying on the hearth instead of hanging up. Any stocking stuffers that didn't fit would be underneath or next to the stockings. We usually hung the stockings on the fireplace screen which didn't really support the weight of stuffed stockings.
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