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EVERYone told us DD would "never" leave our bed. She left very easily and happily at 25 months for her "big girl bed." Not everyone's experience but it was ours. She's been happy in her own bed for almost 3 years now. Although I think she's joined us maybe 3-4 times since DS was born --not that we mind.
DD had them for about 3 months....DS was the same. My pedi says that they wait until (I think) 9 months to discuss doing anything besides squirting breastmilk in them and massaging the tear-ducts.
When my DD first started setting up her dollhouse people (ok, they were really a set of rubber skeletons...don't ask). She had the mommy and the baby sleeping together and the daddy sleeping on a pile of blocks in the corner covered with a doll house washcloth! It's funny because we all slept together IRL. It was just her little fantasy!
Our favorites: Baby on the Way What Baby Needs both of these are Dr. Sears books for kids. Very sweet, very cute and very pro-nursing. DD also loved: Welcome With Love which is about a homebirth and her favorite was (and still is): How to be a Baby by Me, the Big Sister (I think that's what it's called). A friend gave it to DD. It's very funny. Not totally AP but cute and funny.
We have this bed for DD. Originally bought it w/ the idea that DS could sleep under it sometimes (when he's older). However, DH broke one of the slats kneeling on it! We'd only had it for a week. I should mention DH is very slight, not a big guy at all. It's fine w/ >40lb DD on it (we repaired it) but I'm no longer comfortable with anyone sleeping under it.
We have 2 and love them! All the others we've tried are hard to clean or develop odors over time. These can be completely cleaned. The one (tiny) drawback I find is that I pack DD's lunch for preschool w/ an ice pack and the condensation does leak through. Also, she often spills yogurt in it and the moisture will leak through. Small price to pay for avoiding PVC.
I did not read the whole article you linked to but I do recall, several years ago, reading something about the high level of toxins in breastmilk. This is how I look at it: If our human milk is so contaminated....what about the cow's milk that formula is made from? Those cattle live in the same contaminated environment that we do. I'll take my chances with human milk for human babies any day!
My DD did that until she weaned! Seriously, she was 3 before she woke up not crying. I have friends whose LOs were the same.
I like this thread. I have not had time to read all the posts but wanted to add this. About 3.5 years ago I was out walking in my neighborhood w/ 1 yr old DD. An older lady struck up a conversation with me. She has 4 grown daughters. She was just so enthusiastic about her girls. She was talking about how wonderful parenthood is, babies are, etc. The last thing she said to me really stuck with me: "They just turn into the most *delightful* people!" I just love that.
Both of mine were (are) very sweaty sleeping babies! My mom says I was too.
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