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Quote: Originally Posted by angelika13 I just dumped the powder straight into my DS mouth. He loved it. We started at about 4 weeks old. : Bacteria, beneficial or otherwise will not pass through milk.
My son also seems to have a lot of skin issues. He had a yeast diaper rash about a month ago that did not clear up w/ otc cream so I got an rx for Vusion which seemed to just irritate the hell out of it (why oh why do they have to put fragrance in that stuff?). It cleared up a bit, but now is back. Also his neck looks like your DD's. I've been doing the following and (knock on wood) all his areas seems a bit better: 15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in 1oz...
It always irked me a bit when DH's extended family would comment on DD's speedy running, etc. by asking if DH was athletic....huh? No? Then where did that come from (*ahem* -- me maybe?) My stupid MIL even asked "where DD's lovely blue eyes came from. DUH! Looking right at you!
I think that might be a little young for a lot of babies. Also Yo-Baby is loaded w/ sugar. Personally, I'd try some unsweetened first.
Here's what worked for us. When DD turned 2, we started making a big deal about having her own "big girl bed." She was really excited about it (one of her friends have one) and by the time we actually bought it (a month later) she was totally into it. It was actually a pretty easy transition for all of us. Even if this doesn't work for you, I just wanted you to know that if someone told me at your DS's age that DD would be in her own bed by 25 months...I never...
My best friend has one! It looks like a little mole. We were curious if it would lactate when she was nursing but it did not. She's never had any problems with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by katie9143 she did have a bit of a cold, but the ped/homeopath said it was nothing. she has been over it 4 about a week. The reason I asked is my DD had a really, really weird rash that stumped her Ped and everyone else a short time after she had a cold like virus. It cleared up on it's own after a about a week but man oh man was it hard to look at! The suspicion was that it was an immune reaction to the virus.
Hi there -- that does not look like yeast to me (both my kids have had yeast rashes). Has your DD had a virus recently?
Going to be facing this same issue here too. DD is 4 and DS is 3 months. I'm assuming by the time he's old enough to be interested in her toys, she will have lost interest (mostly). The problems in our house will come from things like her (rather large) play kitchen. It was a special gift from Santa and she's very attached to it. She's announced that DS cannot play with it. I told her that if she doesn't want him playing with it, we'll have to find a way to fit it in...
Oh mama! Here is a link to Dr. Hale's database: http://neonatal.ama.ttuhsc.edu/cgi-b...s&access=guest Here is a part of his response to a question about Tamiflu: We have no data on Tamiflu in breastfeeding mothers. If you look at the efficacy of this product in reducing symptoms and severity of flu, it is only marginal, perhaps only reducing the duration by a day at best and then ONLY if you take it immediately when symptoms appear. This is one of those...
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