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I don't remember where I read this, but supposedly IKEA mattresses are compliant with the EU rules on flame retardants. They still contain them, just not the worst one (can't remember the name).
Hi! I lurk a lot here! DS was born 12/17 and now weighs 14.5 lbs. Was sleeping "well" until last week now won't take a nap for more than 10 mins unless he's on me. Oh well. DD was like this too so I'm not too stressed. I sure would like to get more stuff done while he naps though!
I believe it was the Sears Baby Book where I read that acne on the shoulders and chest can be a sign of dairy intolerance. I've cut out most of the dairy in my diet to see if it helps...it seems to be. Time will clear up the face blemishes for sure. If I remember correctly, DD was totally clear by 2.5 months.
DD had what looked like HORRIBLE bruises on her inside thighs when she was about 8 months old. It followed a virus of some kind and then turned into a rash that covered most of her body. It looked AWFUL. I took her to the Dr. and each Dr. in the practice came in to look at it as it was so weird looking. One Dr. there said his daughter had something similar and he got annonymously reported to Child Protective Services because it looked so much like a bruise. They...
Don't know if this would help but I'm having luck with the Swaddle Me blanket. Basically it's got aplix (super strong velcro) that holds the swaddle very tightly shut. They're like $10 at BRU.
Have not read all the responses but here's what we're doing -- I bought a Swaddlebees mattress cover (like $20) and put that under DS at night. That way I only have to launder that if he pees through our dipes, has a blow-out or I leak. My DD never peed through diapers like this!
Had a wonderful, intense 8 hour labor and a beautiful, natural birth (in a hospital!) Managed to avoid all the silly labor interventions including the induction they wanted me to do if I had gotten as "far" as tomorrow. Arlo was 8lb 14 oz and 21 3/4 inches. Almost 2 lbs less than his big sister! Going back to sleep now. Have eaten all forbidden carbs on the planet, a giant serving of sushi and a fine, fine gin martini. Will update with photos soon!
I've been up since about 4am with pretty instense but short contractions. I had bloody show a couple of hours ago. My mom is on her way to watch DD. Please send me ELV! Or at least vibes that this is actually labor. Trying so hard to avoid an induction on Thursday!
My OB told me to take a total of 3 grams a day orally (I take 3 x 500 mg w/ breakfast and 3 x 500 mg w/ dinner). It's supposed to help soften the cervix. I let her check on my due date last week. She said it's soft, but I'm not really dialating. I'm 40w5d now. I've been taking the EPO for about 2 weeks.
I tend to act appalled that anyone would wean earlier. As far as the "disgusting and perverted" comments....what gets me is that they think that's appropriate to say to you at all. I used to come back w/ all sorts of information. Now, unless I think they're honestly curious and not just looking to lecture/judge me I think I'll just shrug and ignore it. For the life of me, I can't figure out why it's anyone else's business.
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