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Quote: Originally Posted by ivymae Do not drink the cup she brings from the bathroom though - she can not reach the sink. . laughup This made me laugh so hard I think I just peed myself!
I know...I've been there. My prog. was 15.9 on (I think) day 19/20. I worried myself silly about it. I'd always had a short LH and spotted for a couple of days before AF would start. I was *sure* I'd lose the pregnancy. I'm due Tuesday with that baby! I just wanted to let you know that you can have a sucessful pregancy with numbers like that. I think my OB said they like to see it over 15 (?). My RE with my last pg said the same thing -- in that pg mine...
Quote: Originally Posted by *MamaJen* My boyfriend, my midwife, my backup midwife, possibly an apprentice midwife, hopefully one close friend (she may or may not be in town, but I'd like her there) and my German Shepherd. I know it sounds weird but I really want her there for comfort. All in front of a roaring fireplace. Hi there Austin mama! I had one of my dogs sitting with me while I was in labor w/ DD. The other dog skedaddled but Daisy...
Quote: Originally Posted by clintonhillmama "replacement a$$hole" laughup
The pooping......mine did not start until about 1 hour before labor kicked in. Then I had "bloody show"...those were my ONLY signs. My real contractions started about 30 mins after show and w/in 30 more minutes I really had to concentrate. DD was born about 9 hours after that. I'm trying to remind myself of this!
I'm right there with you. I'd been telling this guy for months that 39 weeks would be a good time to come. I'm one day behind you (due on the 11th) and pretty much zero signs of labor. What I'm taking heart in is that w/ DD I had zero signs as well. I let the m/w check me at 40 weeks and nothing -- no dilation, not effaced, etc. DD was born w/ little warning at 40 wks 5 days. I'll have a crampy evening every now and then and I get all hopeful but then...
Welcome lovely little girl!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by mama24-7 It seems like you're feeling hurt about the thought of *your* husband being excluded. Knowing what I know about LLL, I think you're missing the point. LLL meetings are about mother-to-mother support. I think that there are women out there who would not come if they knew that men (who are strangers to them) would be there. They just may not feel comfortable w/ a man at a meeting, being new to nursing, and needing...
What a wonderful birth! Thank you a million for posting your very inspiring birth story. I especially like your affirmation and plan to use it myself...hopefully soon! Love to you and your family!!!!!!!
None of y'alls' undies are as hot as MINE. Baggy, stretched out, cotton boy shorts. I am just so sexy I can barely stand it. Add to it the fact that I'm overflowing all my bras (I'm too cheap to buy the correct size for now).....man. I'm HOT.
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