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I've been up since 4am because I can't sleep (and I can ALWAYS sleep...) because I'm hungry. Feeeed meeee!
Beautiful! Beatiful! Ok, now no way am I posting photos of the sad knitted hat I made!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nursingmama05 HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I hurts so much to feel forgotten Thank you I had a little cry-fest today. I'm so hormonal! My best friend realized she forgot and felt terrible but no one else has rememebered, and another did call today (she has a week-old baby at home so she totally has an excuse!) but man, everyone else....blah!
Mine was yesterday. It was kind of yukky. Not a single friend (Ok, one) called or emailed. It was kind of depressing. Everyone has the baby on their mind...I guess they forgot me...: Sorry, pity party!
Quote: Originally Posted by Synchro246 Yeah, I wouldn't worry so much about the size as much as the positioning. It sounds like your baby was OP--back labor & long pushing are hallmarks of OP babies. Check out www.spinningbabies.com and/or read sit up and take notice to learn more about optimal fetal positioning. ETA-- and if you pushed out a 10lb OP baby I bet you can handle a MUCH LARGER OA baby. I've been reading Spinning Babies! DD was...
Quote: Originally Posted by crsta33 I've suddenly become the carb queen. I've worked really hard to keep carbs and protein balanced this time b/c of my previous big baby and some hypogylcemia issues and I've done extremely well. But suddenly all I want is carbs. It may be b/c when the kids were sick with the stomach bug and I was terrified I would catch it, I ate applesauce, rice, bananas, toast, chicken soup, and crackers so if I started vomiting...
I am DYING to bake. I have GD so I've been unable to do my usual baking. I used to be a professional pastry chef and I still love this time of year! I have been making lots of plans for carb-indulgence once this baby is out though: sticky buns! That's first! I have lots of cake-plans too!
YAH! CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your tummy sleeping!
Quote: Originally Posted by crsta33 I had a friend come do pregnancy photos this a.m. so I actually got up, washed and dried my hair, and put on makeup. I actually felt human again for a little while. And then, this afternoon, I left the house for the first time since last Sunday to go grocery and Christmas shopping. Hope you have a wonderful time! Christa Me too! Felt almost human this morning! Hope you had fun, MamaJen -- it was...
Quote: Originally Posted by lisarussell I think it's beyond the conditioner thing. I'm thinking a purse, really. I'm going to let it sit for a while before I go cutting it up or anything, I am horribly indecisive. And I'm still kind of pissed with myself about it. Even though it would have happened eventually. Oh I'm so sorry! Beautiful blanket! I make a lot of felted bags and I think it would be a gorgeous bag too. I vote purse! Aaack!...
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