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I do! I've felt better than I have in MONTHS and actually have energy. I'm on maybe day 5 of this. Before I was sooooo very done. It was this sudden sea change of mental/emotional/physical feeling. What is wrong with me????
I can't even go to those other boards anymore. It's bad enough IRL listening to everyone talk about inductions and sections like they're just another perfectly acceptable choice. It really gets to me! : I try really hard not to judge, we're just brought up to listen to dr.'s and obey -- but still. I mean, I'd never say anything to make someone feel bad about their birth, but it's so hard to hear sometimes. My sister had, what would be for me the world's WORST birth...
I tore pretty horribly with DD. I ended up in a postition I never in a million years would have wanted...FLAT on my back! I was too exhausted to move. DD was 10lbs 8oz and I'm a small person but I'm sure some of the tearing could have been prevented by not being in that horrible postion though. I'm paying close attention to this thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by VickV Well, I'll be stuck with clear liquids until I lie and say I've passed gas, and then I'm having DH bring me an Italian sub from Thundercloud Subs. Or possibly a steak or burger. You must be in Austin! I've been CRAVING Thundercloud!
Me, right here! It keeps raising my hopes though. With DD I was nauseated all evening and then went into labor!
Quote: Originally Posted by Chimpmandee I had gestational diabetes, so I celebrated the birth with a Dairy Queen blizzard! I have similar, sugar/carby plans! Pancakes sound so good right now! I have GD (again...*sigh*) too. My hospital bag now contains wine and candy!
I put "other" because I did daily doses of a liquid pro-biotic and tested negative . I totally, totally agree that the risks are tiny BUT....my OB's PA gave me the big "requirement" speech so I knew I'd be in for a fight if I wanted to try something alternative (such as Hibiclens) or nothing at all. I have a friend who fought yeast for A YEAR after being on abx during labor. YUK! There's enough I have to fight due to the fact I'm birthing in a hospital (a low-tech,...
Try not to take it too personally (easier said than done, I know). My DH's dad and stepmom seem to care not at all. They did end up sending a check the week DD was born but then complained to a bunch of relatives that I hadn't written a thank you note right away! Stepmom has 4 of her own children and she's very involved with them. DH's dad has mental problems and is sort of unstable so I really don't want them around anyway (they live 9 hours away). My parents more...
Quote: Originally Posted by ivymae WINE. I've had a half glass here and there during this pregnancy, and don't plan to down a bottle as soon as the cord is cut, but OH wine, how I miss thee. oh, and being able to eat sugar and fat again (I hate you slacker pancreas and gallbladder!) So basically, I want a meal of bacon, ice cream and wine. That's me! Minus the fat thing. I have GD so packed in my "hosptial bag" is a bottle of wine and a...
Right there with you. I SO do the "gorilla walk!" It actually sort of feels good!
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