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I kickeda ninja because i was high...... LMAO- I normally wearred!
Quote: Originally Posted by PumpkinSeeds My MIL said that by nursing my ds I was going to turn him into a homosexual. Hah! BIL wasn't sure bf was a good idea for his sons. Then I told him that they gay uncles were't bf........ (the stuff my grandmother was told!) The twins were exclusively pumped for for 9 months, the singleton bf for 15 months. (no i don't think there is ANY correlation, but he is an a$$ and suddenly turned supportive- sis needed support!)
When i washed by hand, i rinsed and rinsed and rinsed in the sink. Then i soaked them in soapy water, ringing that through several times. then i boiled each diaper on the stove, then dropped in cold water (so i could touch) rinsed again and ringed dry. i did this at least once a week till i could get to the laundry mat on sunday for 3 months. since it will only be a week, could you seperate the poopy from just wet diapes? and, i used rubber gloves.
Quote: Originally Posted by mclisa What is the best tip out there for you to keep everyone/thing organized? don't even bother? for me, everyone is color coded.
I have a MySpace account to check up on my kids. It says so in my about me section. It has not been a problem for us. Can you find your dd's myspace via search, or is it private? my dd's is private, but not all of her friends are. i have been the parent who has called up dd's friends to get them to change bits about their posted information (one had her phone number in her profile!!) i later talked to her mom about it, but started with the girl. see if you can...
i agree with other posters. vocal inflections and posture are also mimic'd, where in book characters they interact more.
Back when I knew it all, I called a CPS agency to get advice. So many people told me they had seen something, but were afraid to come forward. I said straight out what I had and hadn't seen. The lady was real nice, wouldn't even open a file so that if anyone else reported, there wouldn't be a "file" making them think there was something repetative going on. Looking back, I am glad they did nothing (to my knowledge) and I wanted really was a mentor for him (the suddenly...
After a nice conversation with the doctor's office, they will be sending me a refund in addition to sending a stop it letter to the collection agency. I called agency back and he was still rude! Dang, I know I can be rude, but he should teach classes or something.
with my 5 kids, the rules have changed so many times, i just keep on keeping on. once i knew there may be a problem i watched for symptoms, but never saw any with nuts. with my first, pb&j was all i could hold down for months while pregnant, and all i oculd muster to "cook" later.
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