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oh! I'll definitely be a-okay with the idea of separating from him in the future. if he wants to bike off with his friends... no problem! believe me, I'm okay with him doing things on his own when the time comes. right now he is just my little baby though!
I really don't know how to change my feelings about it. I mean, my son is and has been ALWAYS with me. The idea of him no longer here makes me feel terribly uneasy. And yes, it is consecutively.   My ideal schedule would be to have his dad come by to visit him everyday tbh! but not to be out for a long period of time.   ty for the links blessedwithboys
he pays for child support and comes by once a week. he was a really great dad and in a way i guess he still kind of is. just not as much. our son will turn two in August but i really do not want our son to do overnights. if i don't have our son here, i feel like i don't have a purpose. i also stress out about if he is okay. things like that is making me dread this divorce.can you help me find the post? i'm having a hard time locating it but it sounds exactly what i need!
thanks for the replies you two! :) i'm not only looking for a breastfeeding argument but an overall one. i want many reasons on why it is bad idea, y'know? but yeah i'll probably post in the bfing forum section too.
hello all my ex husband wants our child for three times a week and i need as much evidence to prove why this is a bad idea for us. our son is only one and i'm still breastfeeding. i do not want to be without my son for three days and nights. i'll panic.
Thank you for the reply! Would writing an email be better than talking to him in person? I have wrote emails before and tried to speak to him in person, but I'm willing to try again.  
We're all weird here. Welcome to the group!
Hello! I too am a single mom at the moment to my 1 year old son. I'm really hoping my hubby will come back. Welcome to the community!
Hello! I'm from Florida and I think you'll love it here. I know I do. The everglades and Disney World are just a few of the perks. I've always wanted to travel to Ireland though! Let me know if you need anything~
This is the first time I'm posting in the mothering community. All you lovely mothers out there would know what's best. Well, a year ago I gave birth to my son and honestly I have been the best mother to him. Even at 18 months, I'm still happily breastfeeding him. Sadly, my husband and I recently separated about two months ago. I did every needy and desperate thing imaginable to have him change his mind. I really do love him and I can't imagine not being a family anymore....
New Posts  All Forums: