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Maybe there is a local Attachment Parenting International group? (There isn't where I live. Nor is there La Leche League).
Hi all!   Maybe wayyyy at the beginning in our first month we had a thread similar to this, but I can't quite remember or find it.   I'm starting to try and keep track of things people said they would give us, and then figure out what other stuff we need to get. I'm trying to get pretty much everything second-hand, either buying used or inheriting as hand-me-downs.   So far we have (or have been offered): -16 cloth diapers (various combinations - mostly prefolds and...
So sorry to hear this! Healing thoughts for you and your family.
Thanks for asking HappyCianci! It was today (I'm 6-9 hours ahead of the North Americans over here in Norway!). And it went great! We are low risk for trisomies, so no amnio - yay.   Now as for a nub, the midwife said she couldn't tell clearly enough to make a guess. I think it is really hard to tell myself. It doesn't seem like it could lie any closer to the belly than it is, but at the same time, that does give it an angle... But maybe I am not even seeing the right...
Ah, ok! Happy happy!
But I just realized those percentages in the article are based on weeks gestation, not number of weeks pregnant. So it is unlikely to be a good predictor for me, because the fetus will just be at 10 weeks gestation.
This IS fun! I have my 12 week ultrasound tomorrow, so I am going to try and look! Perfect timing with this post. :D
Hi all! Today is my rollover day to week 12 and tomorrow I have an ultrasound - yay!   I still check for bleeding, too, but I am starting to feel a lot more confident. Only one week til the end of the first trimester for me!   Nice going, little fetuses, sticking around this time!   Laura83 - late May will be when my due date would have been - I know what you mean, it is a weird feeling, but feels much better being pregnant. I have a friend who conceived just two...
I haven't experienced these, but apparently they are a thing. I read about it on the week 12 update at "the bump": http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy-week-by-week/12-weeks-pregnant.aspx   "One warning though: your morning sickness and fatigue might get replaced by headaches and dizziness."   I hope I don't get them, because I get usually get migraines fairly often (though way way fewer so far in pregnancy), and I can't take the migraine meds when I'm pregnant or...
 It looks like it is only an online store, is that right? How do you know what size you actually are once your body starts changing so much?
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