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its only 8:15, and already I've done so much... yet never enough! first I got up at 6:45 , made a smoothie, drank it, and worked on some adoption papers. then I did some laundry, went upstairs to change DD, then put her in the play pen downstairs and let her go back to sleep while I e-mailed my mom. then I nursed her and read her a story on the couch. then I wrote this.  probably rice and quinoa hot cereal  and fruit parfaits for b-fest.
AGGGGGGG! SO not ready for this! my DD is only 12 months! again, AGGGGGG! I'm no help am I?
my oldest (and currently only) is 12 months, and goes to bed any where between 6, and 7, o-clock, so I voted 7 or earlier.
@ ananas: for some reason I find it funny that the babe's now 14 months old! ha!
I think that everyone is being extremely disrespectful. Someonenew, I think that you should look into other schools, as well as natural bug repellent. when I was a child I never got ticks or lived in a tick popular place, but for mosquitos and flies my mother used a natural bug repellent on me and nothing bad ever happened. I totally think that you should try to relax just a bit. maybe keep your child home from school from a few days to a week while you look into your...
Congrats, maragrace!!!! that's kind of like what happened to me: I felt sick all the time and was gaining a lot of weight, so I went to the doc and she said I was preggo!! and 3 months at that! how far along are you? when are you due?
hi, I have to make this short and sweet, but this is a thread for all of us that are preggo and due in September to say how were doing. sending love to all of you! 
were loving quinoa and rice for b-fest over here :)! for lunch we've had open faced grilled cheese, and for supper were all about  no bake no milk no flour mak 'n cheese with kamut pasta. yummy!  
O.K. now I'm craving Oreos so I bought some organic gluten-free (even though I'm not celiac) ones since the real ones are full of crap. next time I'm buying the crap. LOL!
anyone else having intense food craving/aversions? I'm craving this thing called Annie's mac and cheese, which is basically a healthy version of Kraft dinner. I know I know... it's bad! how about you?  
New Posts  All Forums: