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We're going to white water park, its in Liberty Indiana this weekend, its about an hour drive from SW ohio give or take, they have tons to do, nice cabins if you're not up for camping. There is also Hueston Woods which has Yurts. The Holidome: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserR..._Kentucky.html we stayed here a few years ago and had a blast, depending on your kids ages.
Yep she moved to Troy I believe.
Just talk to him, ask if he's ready to stop, remind him of all the big things he does and when he asks to nurse tell him "remember what we talked about? You're a big boy now!" My 4.5 year old nurses maybe 2x a month (today for the first time in a while actually) my 20 month old is nursing still 4+a day if Chlo was nursing more often I'd go nuts but usually she doesn't ask unless she really needs down time for a minute, calms down cuddles and goes back to playing, so I...
Hey ladies, cheap or free stuff to do locally? We have a zoo pass and museum pass, anything involving those would be awesome too. Also water splash pads?? I know of the one in Middletown at Smith Park, any other local ones?
any news? Hoping she's home safe right now.
On Tuesday she met with the MW again for an u/s and the sac measured at 5w 5d (friday they said 5w) and they Dx blighted ovum, so she's waiting. She's back at work but had no further cramping/bleeding. She was told her HcG levels went up 700 over night which isn't enough in their opinion SOOO. I guess she should miscarry soon? I'm not sure.
Susan. Kim and Johlanna(?) are the two she's had a good experience with. Quote: Originally Posted by kriket I went to LifeStages and had a fantastic experience. Who is she seeing? The MW or the OBGYNs? If she tells them she wants to wait a little longer just to be sure I'm sure they will. I'm sorry she is having a bad experience. I hope things work out for her! I had Kim, personally I think she is the best one there.
SO my sister is having a pretty craptacular experience with the Lifestages MWs http://mamiesgoo.livejournal.com/539387.html Any input?
We have the pukies anyone else under the weather during this awesome weather????
Yesterday she ended up with blisters on her hands and feet, headed to the ped today and was told its hand foot and mouth disease, which dad now has blisters, we've all had a 24 hour fever/sore throat, I have no experience with it, but I guess its sorta common? I don't know if its what caused the fever, anyone have any input?
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