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I am glad you posted this question because I had never heard of Minecraft homeschool  before.  I have emailed them and I am considering having the children attend the camp in the summer.  That will give us a feel for whether or not it might be a good fit for us.  The classes are only 5ish weeks long, so we will probably join one in the Fall.
My first year homeschooling, I chose Calvert for my Kindergarden, 2nd and 4th graders.  The curriculum is VERY thorough, and the parent guide is detailed down to what you should say when. That being said, I was drowning in details and could barely get through school for one child during the day.  Granted, it was my first year and I needed a roadmap for where to go with school.  But I would not use Calvert again.  In your situation, I would not use Calvert while trying to...
When discriminating any art or image, movie, tv show or play that my children might see, I engage it myself first to determine if it lines up with the values I am trying to teach my children (balance, beauty, equality, authenticity, strength). For me, if something feels chaotic or abusive, I want to shield (to use your language) my children from it at this point. My kids are 12, 10, 8. We have discussed sex and the reproductive system in a physiological scientific way,...
Oh totally. She tried for 2 weeks. Baby lost a lot of weight. She had multiple lactation assistants and Le Leche community members there with her -- it just wasn't happnin.  So sad because she wanted it so much.  Bottom line, she wanted to allow her friend to nurse for her. But her husband wouldn't allow.  To me - that part sucked even worse. To work so hard for two weeks, then to have to put the child on formula because hubby feels awkward.   Geez.
My friend tried to breastfeed twice and literally was dry as the sahara. Same genetic disposition as her own mother. A friend offered to breastfeed her 2nd baby. But her hubby was not into the idea. A little sad about it, because it could have been a really great opportunity.
I would love your help!! We will be flying into Tel Aviv. And staying for 2 weeks.  Besides that, the exploration is up to us.  Of course there are the famous things we will go see, Dome of the Rock, Dead sea, Galilee.... But right now we are doing our research on what things would be interesting for us. We know we can not see everything.  I would love your input on what you think would be a great experience.  Thanks so much!!
This helps me too - because my family is taking a trip to Israel in May. So for our homeschooling this spring, we are trying to find everything we can about Israel (culture, language, politics, geography.....)   So thank you!   Nikki homeschoolqueen.com
My blog is ironically named homeschoolqueen.com - with the intention of busting the myth that you have to be some kind of supermom to homeschool. WRONG ANSWER!  If I can do it, anyone can. http://homeschoolqueen.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/off-with-her-head/
I never thought I could homeschool because frankly, I was a terrible SCHOOL mom! "Bring 50cents on Tuesday. Send close-toed shoes on Friday. Sign this. Donate to that. Be at this meeting and that party...."  I could hardly keep up!  Oh and I rarely had my kids to school on time. My son once said, "Mommy, you have to quit making me late to KINDER-GARTEN."   So you can imagine that taking the plunge to homeschool was a stretch. I am a fun and creative mom - but not an...
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