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Yes!  I have done this too!  It wasn't that her latch was off, but her mom kept saying she was "moving her tongue weird" and so like three of us nursed her at a meetup to see if we could figure out the issue lol.
I could be wrong, but I read that person's post as she tried to breastfeed twice -- as in with two different children -- not twice as in two times with one child :)
Absolutely, feel free to PM me!
Wouldn't let me delete my comment.  Didn't get the whole thing to my e-mail and didn't respond to what I thought I was lol.  Ignore this :P
Sadly after cosleeping with all three of my children -- I have found this to just be part of the joys of cosleeping with a toddler lol.  If you find something let me know, but I've never been able to break things like all the fun positions they get themselves into (mostly on top of you in some way).  I would think putting them in a separate area (their own mattress next to the bed) would help if they are ready for that step.
I'm not sure if this would necessarily go here -- but did anyone have a difficult time with your spouse and the choice to go TV free?  I lived without one for YEARS before I met my husband and he is a TV junkie.  I wouldn't mind so much if it was just him, but because he watches it and has it on our two year old watches hours (and hours and hours and...) every day and it really bothers me.  I've said it does and he has said he will watch less, but I want to work towards...
Honestly, you won't get as much but I personally had to just have a yardsale and then had a donation truck pick up whatever didn't sell.  I made the promise to myself.  It was very hard to let go of some of that stuff for so little and even harder to get rid of some of the stuff I knew was worth money.  But in the end it was better for us to just be done with it!
 This is something that most people coming up with how "green" products are tend to not think of.  One of my favorite articles that goes over this topic is from Tree Hugger and located here: http://www.treehugger.com/kitchen-design/built-in-dishwashers-vs-hand-washing-which-is-greener.htmlThis does not include the manufacturing process of the dishwasher.  If you include that, handwashing really seems to win hands down (haha, puns).  The problem in this debate is that there...
Touching base as, while I don't own a brick and mortar, I do work for myself as a social media manager, birth doula, and also as founder/executive director of a nonprofit.
It's totally a social thing.  My youngest son never owned shoes until my in-laws insisted.  They still now, almost two and a half years after his birth, insist we send shoes with him if he's coming to their house.  If we went out with them and he had on nothing (or socks, when it was cold) they always had to make comments, they laughed as if they were joking but it was very hurtful.  It's also as if people think it's some kind of neglect to not have your child wearing...
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