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Mona Stein in Cambridge is fanastic! She is located on Reservoir St.
We went during the week in the morning & there was no line... My daughter is five & she enjoyed it. I have such nice memories of seeing it at Jordan Marsh when I was little so it was fun to share that memory with her.
"Brothers & Sisters" has a gay brother who is planning on starting a family with his husband. I love this show- it's my "Sunday night show"!
Maureen Cook, M.D. is fabulous! She has an office in Lexington but delivers in Cambridge. Good Luck!
Sign me up for the pity party... my DD starts tomorrow and to make me even sadder she lost her first 2 teeth this week. Time flew by way too fast! Thankfully, there are 3 half days & 2 full days so it will be easier for me to transition to 1st grade where there is only one half day. Good Luck everyone!
Great thread!: The Minuteman National Park/ Concord & Lexington is fun too!
Very cool! I love Vermont
Thank you for posting- I think of them often.
That works for us...we are definitely ready for some warmer weather:
We would love to meet up. DD who turns 5 THIS FRIDAY:... gets out of school at 1 PM & if I can figure out a non- Rte. 128 way ( maybe Rte. 126?) to get there, we would be up for it. DOK, thanks for starting this thread!
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