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And it definitely helps! We had beautiful sun here yesterday but the temp felt like Alaska:
Welcome mama! You just go on to Cancun and have fun with your hairy self! As for skirts why not wear long flowing hippie type skirts? The gauze is cool and if your me you wear them in winter too with sweaters and leggings. I've worn them for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long I am not comfortable in anything else. I don't shave my womanly region simply because I don't wear a bathing suit very often. I'm particuarly hairy too.
Spreading hairy love mama's:
thank you beanma. He is not aggressive though definitely has an explosive temper when things don't go his way. He cries and screams,sometimes will throw a toy very hard onto the floor but so far hasn't been aggressive towards people. Maybe that is to come? I never knew that scholarships were available for private schools. We absolutely cannot afford any type of tuition though.
hey mama's. I picked up Carlsens Vit D at my health food shop this weekend. Our weather here in Indiana has been beautiful so I've been soaking up the rays...
Momily I believe a school for children who can't assimilate into a regular public school due to emotional problems is what we need. Ds seems to be an average student in academic areas. He is certainly below grade level but grades are not my focus,his emotional happiness is. I truly believe he would be happier with other children and a somewhat structured school environment. Being at home with me all day is not the answer. We certainly cannot afford a private school. I will...
I will have to ask about that MamaMonica,thank you for your reply. Angela you made a lump in my throat with your hug. Thank you.
I'm not sure where to put this thread but I need help. My son is 9.5 and cannot cope in a regular public school system. In first grade he cried every morning for over two months so we pulled him out. He has been home with me since. He has emotional issues that have not been diagnosed per say but he has been under the care of our osteopath who performs cranial sacral and accupuncture on him. He has also taken chinese herbs for depression. Our osteo is chinese. I want him...
Hi mamas. I have a hard time in winter also. I try to think positive and prepare myself but the dark,gloomy days constantly really bother me.: I've never taken vit D supplements but I sure will now. I take yoga class once a week. I wish she offered it twice a week.
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