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HA! I picked him out right away! I just knew he was your son,you crazy hippie,hairy woman!
I was sitting around the fire in our backyard the other night with my 16 yr old son and his friends,ranging in age from 16 to 18. Hairiness came up for some reason and my comment was that I saw no need to shave so didn't. One of the guys spoke up and said,"for real?" I asked him how he would feel if he found out a girl at school he wanted to go out with didn't shave. He was just like wow,I don't know. Soooo,we proceeded to all talk about the sexualization of women and how...
that's right clothdipe,you do what you want/need to do. there is nothing wrong in doing something for someone that you love as long as it doesnt compromise your morals or ethics. hair is hair is hair for petes sake. you never know,someday he may love hair. cfiddlin my son just decided to grow his hair a couple of years ago. It is way long now and he has no plans to cut it. he's very eccentric.
cfiddlin my ovary was removed due to a cyst that was called a mucinous cystedenoma. Not too sure I spelled that correctly. I went on to conceive and have a long haired 16 yr old son to prove it.
ouch cfiddlinmama I've had my share of ovarian cysts back in my 20's. Not fun. Finally had my left ovary and tube removed and been fine since then. Welcome back mama!
I think it's kinda interesting how one guy thinks hairy pits are yucky,and another thinks the legs are. My old fart doesn't mind the pits at all,but the legs he wishes I'd shave just once in a while. Ask me if hairiness stops him from some luvin. NOT. But he's been luvin me for 24 years so he's pretty well used to me and my "not normal in society" ways. Don't shave if you don't want to. Do it if you really dont care.
I put mine in a container and water plants too. And yes it sure can get stinky. I then just throw in the washer with dark clothing.
I have worn Birks for years and just started wearing earth. I have to say earth are incredible. I've heard that Simple runs big.
[QUOTE=caspian's mama;12360417]dudes, check my previous post time!! i don't think i've ever done that before! : and i just re-clicked on mg's sig too. perfect happy hour.
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