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Quote: Originally Posted by mamasgroovin So when exactly am I having this Hairy Party anyway??? I think it would be seriously fun to meet you! I'm thinkin' the same thing. Now where are you?
I think your porch looks beautiful mama! All of the plants look like my porch. I did just bring them in as it's starting to get cold. On another note,I just went today and added to my fern tattoo a moth. :
well,besides being sore as all get out Yoga was great. I love the meditation and breathing.
It's all about the hairy love
you know,Ive thought of trimming my pit hairs. They are longish and the area of pit they cover is longish. Do you know what I mean? Like I don't have some little hairs in the middle of my pit. I have like a long rectagular area of pit hair. When my arms are at my sides you can sometimes see hair sticking out in the front. Heehee. what does your pit hair look like? How much area does it cover?:
how coincidental mamasgroovin,I'm going to my first yoga class tonite! I so need to do something positive for myself so I signed up. It's at the library just down the street. Do ya think the ladies will notice my hairy pits and legs? We'll see.....:
groovin' you are one funny mama
that's because you live in a enchanting little gnome hut
I've tried the Burger King veggie burger. Not too good. I wont go to KFC.
It's going to be beautiful!!
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