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what's up mama's?
my two youngest were adopted through foster care chirp.
majik, you are on a roll girl! It must be that nice Australian air
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie geeks shall inherit the earth. blessed are the cheesemakers. laughup
1995? Let's see,I was looking at 34. Sooooooooo,that makes me old in 2008. Old and happy and hairy and still dang good lookin'. Should I say heeee-hawww now? Don't mind me mamas. These migraines make me loopy.
sh*t,I haven't had a drink in I don't know how long. Wine gives me lovely migraines and I get enough of those on my own.: I have one right now. Sometimes I feel soooooooooooooo old mamas. Anyway, my favorite drink is good vodka and good grapefruit juice. yummy.
yep I'm old. old and hairy.
aww Majik if you only knew how much I'd love to go flying across the world to your lovely home for a weekend of happy,beautiful,hairy mamas....... I guess I'm just too dang practical in my brain sometimes. mamasgroovin,let's do it!! : or wait......let's get Majik to the states!!:
and who,may I sweetly ask,will foot the plane fare to Majik's exotic home? I may be beautifully hairy,but in no way am I in the bucks.
and we could give prizes to the hairiest! or the darkest hairiest! or the curliest hairiest.....the longest hairiest! heehee.
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