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all I can say is it's too dang bad we can't have a big ol' hairy mama party. I need a big ol' hairy mama party. complete with hairy drinks....
Quote: Originally Posted by spiderdust I've *never* seen Hair. Not sure how that's happened. nope. me either.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie and @ nasty butt breath :
I'm going to assume I'm the oldest hairy mama posting here and I admire all of you younger mamas who figured this out waaaay before I did. I am hairy. I mean hairy. It's not too dark,but definitely noticeable. Growing up I was sooo self-conscious of my hairiness I would cry about it. Geez-you'd think I was sasquatch or something. Anyway,I begged my parents to let me shave my legs in 6th grade because I made the cheer squad. I never looked back. As a hippie teenager I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamasgroovin I can identify with my vagina...no problem. :
you are right majik. we are made to feel dirty and less than our worth when we embrace our naturalness and love ourselves and know ourselves to be BEAUTIFUL......
I don't think dirty is the word you're looking for clothdipe. Maybe more messy? Body fluids aren't dirty,their just fluids. Natural and normal. I think you'll get used to it. As for your mole,I'll bet you've just irritated it.
[QUOTE= I was speaking recently with a friend about the perceived unkempt image hairiness bestows upon one's self, and it really pisses me off that unshaven=dirty. It is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And yet, we (as a society) but into this crap??? It is mind boggling. I wish I knew more hairy mamas IRL.[/QUOTE] It's absolutely true that in mainstream society hairiness=dirty. I just try not to care. But sometimes I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by littlechloesmommie Wow.. thats an informative article... Here I am, thinking I'm doing something good by eating soy & it comes around to bite me in the bum, Luckily DD hates soy anything.... I currently drink soy milk, mostly because I don't like the taste of cow's milk.... which of the other milks (hemp, rice,almond) are best for drinking & cereal? I drink rice milk,use almond milk in my coffee,and my kids use...
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