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I am lovin' this rice cooker thread
Oh Mags if you only knew:............we have 7 children and 3 adults living at our house! But that is for another thread. I have enough people that love rice that your right,the 10 cup would be better. I'm 47 with 3 kids ,a husband,a grown divorced daughter and her 4 children at home. We go through massive amounts of food as you can imagine. It's extremely important to me to feed my huge family with organic healthy food. Sooo,brown rice is a big staple around here....
thanks so much mama's for the great replies! I'm gonna look into each one and see what's best for us. Maybe should I rethink the 10 c. capacity? I guess 10 cups is alot of rice isn't it? I have a Zojirushi bread machine that I really like.....hmmm....
I have one son,16,who has always been homeschooled,a 10 yr. old dd who LOVES public school,and a 9 yr. old son who went a total of half a year to a public school. My dd goes because she loves it.
I want a 10 cup capacity for sure,and brown rice is a staple in our family. I'm gonna check Target tomorrow while I'm out running errands. The one I was looking at that got great reviews on Amazon was a Sanyo. Priced at 127.00. It was also a steamer and slow cooker. Ruthla I've been making rice in a big pot that is now wearing out. I've had it for 10 years probably. I like this particular pot because the lid is glass and I can see the rice as it's cooking. I thought a...
We had a polar bear here at the zoo in Indy that swam back and forth in the same pattern all day,and I believe,every day. It was painful for me to see. Though not near a circus the zoo still bothers me. As a vegetarian almost vegan I have decided for our family that zoos also are best avoided.
Hi mama's: Do you have a rice cooker you love? I'm in the market for one,went on Amazon and am totally overwhelmed. Suggestions? Namaste
I'm so sorry. I will send positive healing her way mama..........
: let's do it!
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie oh1 de-lovely is your DD! cool that she is majikfaerie. she is quite wonderful.
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