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um,I didn't realize my daughter was signed in. soooo, disregard delovely please. she shaves but loves her mama hairy.
I went to my daughter's parent night tonight and and boy did I get the looks. Kind of pained smiles after they saw the huge fern tattoo on the inside of my arm. You know I seriously think people don't know what to make of me. Seriously.
such is our western society caspian'smama. It's such a turn off isn't it?
Ruthla aren't kids just the best?
my little grandson was standing by me while I was on the computer and he's staring up into my armpit. I'm typing away and I look over at him and he says as he's pointing to my pit,"scary mamaw."
my legs are hairy just like yours cfiddlinmama
I don't have thick dark hair but I do have thick brown hair. I'm also hairier than my husband. I mean my legs and pits are HAIRY. I don't show my hair much in public because of the way I dress anyway. I don't much care for sleeveless and always wear long hippie type skirts. If I did wear sleeveless and shorter skirts I would definitely be stared at even more than I am. I wear my head hair clipper short,isn't that funny?
I use a crystal deoderant that works well. No chemicals/aluminum too. I truly prefer a natural body smell but summertime can be a little much so the crystal is what I use.
hi moon.mom I don't wear sleeveless and always wear long skirts just because that's what I wear and have for many years. (Not a religious issue)I would cause a town ruckus if people saw my naturalness in all of it's glory. I live in an extremely conservative small town. Ick. But,it is what it is. And it is where I live so I just deal with it. People just assume I'm an old hippie mama. I am.
One of my natural mama friends lives in Evansville.
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