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I have been slacking with my posting lately! Welcome @DawnCayden! I was able to get about three workouts last week and three so far this week. I changed my routine a bit. I've been doing crossfit workouts, mostly Crossfit Mom workouts. I did have to locate a prenatal crossfit workout for today ,because the workouts were getting shoulder heavy. I've been doing my workout in the mornings, since I was struggling to get my workouts in. The workouts usually only last...
I wasn't feeling wonderful today, so I decided to walk on my treadmill at various intervals. I walked for 30 minutes and I had regained some energy and did a Crossfit Mom workout: 21/15/9 back squat, shoulder press, and dead lift.
After my three day hiatus , I did a 15 minute cardio session yesterday before I started experiencing pain in my lower pelvic region. I rested for a little while and did a 10 minute crossfit mom workout. Today, the hubs and I went exploring a town just south of us, lots of walking around today and I may try and get a crossfit mom WOD in today too.
I have such a terrible headache today, and Tylenol isn't helping.  I am not sure what I will get in, if anything.  Im gonna lay down and see if i can feel up to a workout.  I hope you ladies are having a better day.
I was feeling exhausted today, so I took a break today.
I did my cardio session today and 10 minute Total Body Pilates. I like my new interval training, one minute on and two minutes off felt pretty good.
I did a yoga workout today. Tomorrow, I will get my cardio on.
I ended up going to the Doctor's office yesterday and sure enough, upper respiratory infection. I must be on the tail end of it though because I feel much better than I did in the beginning of the week. They put me on the Z pack and I rested the rest of the day. I did, however get my cardio and Crossfit Mom workout in this morning. I feel wonderful! I think I'm upping my jog interval to one minute jogging and two minutes walking. Thirty seconds just doesn't give me...
I decided to take my rest day today since I'm still feeling under the weather. I'll start my weekend with the cardio/ Pilates session. Here's to feeling better tomorrow!
Completed 45 minutes of yoga as planned. . Still fighting this cold but I'm gonna try and attack my cardio workout tomorrow.
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