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Me too (except about the 4th kid thing). Let's be friends ;)   I remember a thread about this eons ago.  Somebody had some crazy theory about how you could train your toddler not to run off by teaching them car danger and all that.   Oh, and there was some magical "zone" where they wouldn't run further than 20 feet from the safety of their mother.  being a new and easily guilt-tripped parent, I bought all this BS hook, line, sinker.  Until I actually tried it with my...
I don't know where the OP is from but "ratbag" is a common word, where I'm from, to use about kids who are being a bit naughty but you love them.   If anything it's an affectionate term.  Everyone needs to chill out.   to the OP: you keep talking about your younger children as being a reason not to leave. I know it's hard with younger children it really sounds like your family is dysfunctional and that's got to be bad for them anyway. 
law firm librarian document control for engineering/mining/oil & gas companies - your skillset would cross over well and at the higher levels, it can be very well paid. 
ex-SAHM here who would never go back.  I love being a working parent! I have a lot of SAHM friends but I don't envy them at all.  In retrospect I really didn't like having to fit into that traditional role or not making my own money.   The transition was hard in the beginning though.   For us, both of us working full time means we really have to be partners on meals etc.  I prefer to cook every day because I never know what I feel like until that night, but we choose...
NT scan today...nervous.   Not sure if I'm 11 or 12 weeks.. hoping to get some more answers today. I've been feeling better for 2 weeks so I wonder if I'm even further along.
Me :)   My first was a homebirth.  The birth itself was fine, but it was very painful.  I really wanted an epi but couldn't bear to get in the car and go to the hospital.  This time I really want to birth in a hospital with an epidural, hopefully as early in labour as I can get (my labour last time was pretty fast).  I've been doing some reading about epidrals and the modern ones don't have the same risk of increased intervention as the old style ones did.  I am...
This thread is making me feel less weird.  Thank you.   I too have found myself wondering if I should have an OB. I have midwives, and I've already had one homebirth, but I'm really leaning towards a hospital with epidural birth this time.  Funny how things change.  I probably won't switch carers, but yeah.  
I'm 11 weeks and finally caved and bought some maternity work clothes on the weekend.  I could have put it off a bit longer, but then I figured, i'm going to be spending all that $$$ anyway, I may as well get lots of wear out of them, so...   My pants are the low cut kind and are v. comfy and don't really look like mat wear.  I think I will wear them post baby too.   But the tops...they make me look pregnant, so I'm not going to wear them until I'm ready to tell...
Don't worry, ladies.  DD's name was supposed to become very popular, and while it's more common than when I named her, it never did become that popular. 
I had beef tortellini yesterday because of the baby.   I found myself staring at the Chocolate milk the other day in the fridge at the store.  Like, staring and fixated.  hahahah.
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