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haha!  Baby vs mama.  That's a toughie for sure.   Speaking of Italian food, there's this cafe down the street from me that the baby wants me to go to.  It made me eat a panini this morning.  Normally I avoid paninis like the plague.
Normally I don't like Italian food or cheddar cheese.   Is your baby making you crave stuff you normally wouldn't eat? ;)
5 K cycle on Monday and a swim last night.  Hoping to do 10 ks today!
Personally, I wouldn't bother bringing it up with her.  It's such a touchy subject at the best of times and whose to say in a year or two she might have got over it or your kids, being more mature, may play together better.      I have had the odd issue like this in the past with friends, as I had a large, huggy girl who was a lot more physical and not everyone (or their kids) could handle that (which is fair enough).  I just ended up backing away from playdates...
I like to bike to work (10 ks each way ) and before the BFP was hoping ot get up to 100ks per week.  Now I've decided to aim for 40-50ks.  I find, though, some mornings I get up and I just can't face it.  I've noticed shortness of breath even while walking, let alone anything more than that.   I also need to start swimming again.  I was doing 2-3 times a week, I'd like to do at least once a week with the cycling.
Hi everyone.  COngrats to all.    BFP (faint, period not due for 2 days..allegedly) this morning.   Age: 40 (I'm the old bag of this group I guess :)  )   Child no. 2   Last birth was a home birth with midwives in a 6th floor apartment, this birth...I'm sooo much older now I doubt they'll let me do that again.  We'll see.  I'm open.   Been trying for about 4-5 months.   EDD: April 15th according to those online calculator thingies.   I signed...
FWIW  - and I haven't been in your shoes - I think 'paranoia' is a realistic assessment of your situation.   To me being paranoid is ultimately making an incorrect assessment of a situation and assuming it is much worse than it is.  But in your case, you've had 2 clear, real-life, facts happen to you - CPS has been called.   IMO being vigilant is completely natural.  I don't have any answers for you except that you seem like you have a good handle on how to...
I'm sorry, Kid's mom lost that option when her child started acting up at your house.   I wouldn't even bother talking to her again if I were you.  I agree with PPs - your house, your rules, can't abide by them, go home.  I bet with strong boundaries from you the kid will turn her behavour around. Frankly it sounds like she needs them.
I agree with this.  The only one I am aware of was by a guy on Quebec's daycare system - there daycare is only $7 per day so a very popular option.  Anyway, there was something about how kids under 2 were stressed out by daycare, but after 2 they were okay.  Otherwise everything I've read indicates that it's the quality of care that counts, whether in home or at a daycare.
Your sister is smoking crack and you can tell her I said that. haha.   Look, when I was home with DD DD was the opposite of your child.  From the get go she was the kind of kid that wanted to be out & about.  I ended up doing endless classes (I'm an introvert homebody, so this was NOT my choice) just to give myself a break and give her the external people stimulation she clearly needed.   Fast forward 8 years and she's still an outgoing people person.  Yet I was home with...
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