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Yes, I had this feeling and had an abortion.  I have not regretted it.  
I just wanted to point out that this woman is the OP's neighbour, which means if things go south it would be hard for her to avoid the woman AND her kids.   Really, a loon?  Is it really necessary to name-call?  What's to say the OP's son won't repeat that and make things exponentially worse?   She may be overprotective but look at the society we all live in. 
I can see both sides to this. IMO, let it go and don't leave DS alone home again (sounds like you've already decided that).  Hopefully this blows over.  On one hand yes she should stand up for her rules - in that black and white, you should always follow everything you say way - but if she's a nice mum maybe she didn't want to hurt your DS, who is, after all, still a child.  I can see why she would hesitate to do so face to face with him.    I don't agree with the PP...
I  know who you're talking about and I'm really, really sorry she used you like that to score cheap political points.   I'm sorry mama :hug:
  Spanking is ILLEGAL in this province.   Not that you're going to engage with this UAV anymore, ;)  but somebody should really point that out to him. 
Hi Deva   Course cos I'm also from Burnaby I'm DYING to know which school this is...haha.   IMO the only thing you can do is not engage, as a PP suggested.   I know it's hard but if you start getting emotional about this and reacting he will be getting the power over you he wants.  IMO, this is a power play. Don't give him that power.  Another poster suggested report his email as spam - it might be time to do that so you don't have to deal with his emails at...
Ok, I will leave it.  thanks all!
Like the others I want to give you kudos for being so self-aware around this.   I was that girl.  I still am: slim body and very large (by comparison) boobs.  It's actually really difficult to NOT look sexy with that combination, no matter how hard you try.   She's probably just wearing what she feels comfortable in.  I didn't wear tank tops or bikinis for YEARS because I was so self-conscious about my boobs, I wish I had had her confidence.  I was so jealous of...
It depends how old your house is.   Houses do 'settle' over time and this makes their walls/floors less than straight from when they were first built.  Another  thing I'd check is subsidence in the earth.    We had a structural engineer check over our house but that's because we had some water ingress into the outside stairwell and the steel was very rusty.  He gave it a clean bill of health which was huge piece of mind.   IMO, if you're a worrier like me...
Actually mods would you mind moving this to Preteens and teens?  I forgot these kids are older than mine.  Thanks! :)
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