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She will remember that he treated her this way and you let him. You need to protect her. I understand you not wanting another divorce, but this would be a huge dealbreaker for me. Another possibility: could she live with her biodad? It just breaks my heart to think of a 6 year old being torn down like that and humiliated.
I'm sorry your Mum couldn't get over herself to support you, but yay! congratulations! Otherwise, just reading along. I'm bracing myself to write the Email to End all Emails to my parents. I've worked out that I'm mostly not angry anymore, and not needing their approval, or caring what they think, really; I just want to make some boundaries clear. I've been getting 'hang up' phone calls again lately. I'm pretty sure it's my Mum - that's one of her modi operandi....
Quote: Originally Posted by OnTheFence His mother was not a binge drinker and did not drink in the last trimister of pregnancy at all. See, this is the problem I have with so many of the studies/anecdotal evidence/research on FAS/FAE. How do you KNOW that this woman was not a binge drinker? Unless she was locked in a cage and her drinking was monitored, who knows, really, how much she drank. People can lie, or not remember, or whatever. I...
'Kay, you are all freaking me out. I was sure the thread would be in a full-on scrap by now. Anyway, count me in as another one who agrees with Rachel. My (UK-trained) midwife had no problem with the odd glass of alcohol. I even craved Guiness in my 2nd trimester, but when I tried to drink some it gave me heartburn. Sigh.
HA! I knew there was a reason I didn't watch this show. It just seems for upper middle class working mums of convenience to me.
conflicting emotions? check feeling you are blowing things out of proportion? check 'normal' front? check um, yeah. Speaking from my experience only, what you are going through sounds pretty normal. So, do you feel better for having written it all out?
HOnestly, the most important thing to my parents (I believe) is that people think they are good people. That is more important to them then even having relationships with their children.
Quote: Originally Posted by mirthfulmum And that's how it always is, she gets all pissy and mean 'cause I do things differently than her. She's emotionally manipulative, and not above emotional black mail. She does and says things and then denies it. When I was a teen ager she actually said she was concerned about me and that maybe I needed some kind of catscan or something 'cause I kept making things up about her. Had to quote this. I felt...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Poot You cannot love someone unconditionally who doesn't reciprocate it back to you. Everything with my mom has conditions. I cant even accept clothing she sends for her grandchildren without fretting about what strings are attached to them. On a random, semi-related thought, I've always disagreed with the biblical commandment to honor your mother and father. What if your father was a drunken, abusive idiot who molested...
Ha! Hahaahahahahah! I Knew It@!!!!
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