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the thing that strikes me reading all the responses (Sorry Redwine; just hijacking your thread for a minute) is how many people have suffered this way and how everyone has their own unique path to dealing with it. I realise for ME, confronting was absolutely what I had to do. It had nothing to do with anyone else, even them; I just needed to do it, perhaps because of my personality...I don't know. For others on this thread, obviously not. Search your heart. What feels...
This thread is so interesting. I'm still nursing my 27 month old. Yay me. But I'm starting to notice that I'm enjoying nursing less and less. I know my fertility is back because after months my periods are regular again, and now I think about it, the first neggy feelings started around then. We nightweaned about 24 months and that was a joyous day for me. She didn't protest much. I'm not at the "get her off me phase" yet but SHE has become so annoying at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by iluvmyfamily I know it doesn't make pain go away but I see some people who have great relationships with their mothers and I would get sad because that's what I want and I thought I would never have it until one day someone told me I can still have it and I thought to myself that it would never be that way but then they said I can have it with my children! How exciting! yeah, I hear you!
What wirewendy said. I have done the same thing with my mother. At this point she knows I am not speaking to her for a year - kind of like a 'time-out' for our relationship. I do plan to get in contact with her again, but I have much more clarity about the situation than I did before, I think because, when you're in it, you are so busy dealing with the day-to-day missiles being lobbed in your direction that you can't get a sense of perspective, you know?
Yes, confront your past. Do what you need to do to feel heard. You deserve it. I abolutely agree with the poster that said confronting her parents was empowering (wirewendy). I have found the same thing. However, I don't expect an apology from my parents nor for them to change, so I do think you need to lower your expectations if that's what you secretly want. I couldn't give a rats' what my parents think - this time it's about me! I also don't think it's wise...
I think you are doing the right thing. Just wanted to tell you that.
My doula nursed her second child with only one breast. That was the baby's choice. So, it can be done
Eh, depends on the kid and the kid's age. I was reading somewhere - on the BBC, I think - about new research that shows that children who are put in daycare before the age of 2 have elevated levels of stress hormones in their blood (cortisol?) which remain high even after they are home with their parents. That doesn't sound very benefical to young child. BUT...not everyone can SAH. I'm planning to send my kid to preschool. She IS social and gets bored just being...
thank you thank you.
Horrifying. We got a pamphlet about WNV. Had to laugh, because even the pamphlet admitted that the chances of it being serious were tiny. YEt we are supposed to cover ourselves with carcinogenic DEET all the time in case we're bitten. Thanks. I'd rather get West Nile.
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