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 i LOVE DICLECTIN.   and my baby, now 8, is just fine.
maria madly, and others...hugs
I agree.   I had small amounts of alcohol during my pregnancy and DD does not have FAS.    I have a friend who swears by the odd bit of cocaine during pregnancy.  Incidently, her child is gifted and advanced not only in academic skills but social skills as well.  It makes you wonder.
Guiness.  I craved Guiness during my second trimester.   Midwife said it probably meant my body wanted iron.
we have it and love it.  We have the TDI so it's very fuel efficient & cheap to run too.   The only con is that you have to find gas stations that have diesel. 
  I hate how it's represented in the media, because a lot of issues around parenting (like SAHM vs working parent) really effect both parents not just mothers, and it bothers me that childcare, for instance, is seen as an issue working mums have to deal with rather than working parents.  I don't know if I'm explaining myself well.  It's just infuriating to me that so much of parenting is still placed within the realm of women, with women ultimately having to make the...
Thanks for this.   I hope I didn't kill the thread!   Carry on...;)
having kids.
    it was ...meh.   I was very excited by my babywearing alternativeness back then haha
My first ever post was a long story in the babywearing forum about babywearing at the hospital.  I am such a nerd.
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