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I realize this is an old thread, but I am wondering about the outcomes of your experience with Procardia and Progesterone to delay preterm labor. I too was on Terb for my last 2 pregnancies  and had both babies the day I stopped taking it (one at 35 weeks and 1 at 37 weeks).....Like you my doc this time says that the terbutaline is no longer suggested and I am sooooo scared. This is baby # 4 and I cannot imagine having another baby in the NICU 1 hr away with 3 kids at...
Hotmom-try not to feel too bad. I was relieved when my midwife suggested that I stop nursing my almost 3 year old during my last pregnancy. I really beat myself up over it, but I literally had the weirdest feeling when she would nurse, like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. So when I was having too many contractions at 30 or so weeks I stopped. Luckily this time my almost 4 year old weaned himself about a month before I became pregnant. I figure both partners in the...
Thanks! Good point on the broader forum.
I was going to say the same about the nail clippers  I had them with the first and maybe second, but I hardly used them. I was too scared!!
Really the breast pump depends on how much you plan to bottle feed. If you work full time I would say a really good electric pump is a must. If you just want a partner or other child to feed the baby once in a blue moon I would think a less expensive option would work.
Has anyone ever been put on progesterone to try to prevent preterm labor? I have to go in to see the Maternal Fetal Specialist to see if I am a candidate before 16 weeks.I am 13 +3 now.  In my last 2 pregnancies I was on terbutaline (spelling?) from 20 weeks or so on. Had both babies the day I stopped taking it. Apparently they do not encourage that medication anymore, but I am so scared that I will have another early baby.....Just looking for reassurance and others...
Good point Wilhelmina!! I do have a pretty easy 13 year old currently!!
Oooooh, HappyCianci, don't say things like that and get my hopes up! Just kidding!! I have had 3 babies/toddlers/preschoolers who were awful sleepers from birth. It is a real bummer and also the main reason my children are spaced farther apart. For the first 3 -4 years I can barely get out of bed let alone stay up late to do the necessary things to have another baby  Here's to hoping!! I swear I would buy blackout curtains for every window and door in my house if it would...
I think everyone has at least some nervousness with any Dr appt.  The good news is by waiting for your first appointment for a while you might hear a heartbeat today (if you choose to). That is always so reassuring!
I don't want to jinx it, but B6 is helping my nausea sooo much. My midwife said I can take two 50 mg tabs per day. She also recommended a unisom with the evening dose, but my almost 4 year old still wakes me about once per night and I do not think I could get him back to bed if I took a sleep aid! Sheesh I can barely drag myself out of bed now! Also I am not sure if it is from the B6, but as soon as I started taking it my heartburn became substantially better as well.
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