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Hey all, just wondering, those of you whose partners are step parents (or who are one yourself) what do your children call them?  My son was only 6 months old when we started dating, and my daughter was 5 years.  Sometime last year after a year and a half of being together and many conversations about different family structures, DD started testing out "daddy".  She calls her father Papa, so it seemed like a natural alternative.  Ex-H was fine with it at first, but then a...
I'm so sorry to hear that, wishing you and your family well.
Yup, I felt "poofy" nearly right away, you know, you think you're going to get AF and then you are pregnant, and then that slimmed down a bit.  I'm 11 weeks now and I definitely look pregnant.  In a way I'm OK with it because it means that people aren't just wondering if I've got a little *extra* around the middle.     Forgot to mention this is my third, so yes, pretty sure it's like your body just remembers how to pop back in place for "baby mode".  I've been wearing my...
I progressed from feeling slightly queasy or car sick, to full-on nausea, to random bouts of gagging and vomiting over the last two months and I'm *finally* starting to feel better.  I'm SO worried though because the 6 year old I babysit just got over an awful stomach bug...I really do not want to be throwing up for two days and unable to eat/drink!  I *just* started to actually somewhat enjoy eating...     Not to mention I have a two year old and a 7 year old I'd have...
I typically feel at least a flutter here or there in the late first trimester.  This time I felt movement at 9 weeks.  It's, of course, few and far between until later, but sometimes in a moment of stillness (especially if I'm laying on my back) I feel a little "jump" or wiggle.  Also, at my appointment last week (almost 11 weeks) I felt the baby flutter away from the doppler, lol.  
I had some spotting at 8 weeks and was worried after a previous miscarriage so we had an U/S done to make sure everything was progressing appropriately.  Everything is fine (I'm 11 weeks now) I just have a small hemorrhage which apparently can decide to sluff off and cause some random spotting.  It can be totally normal, hope you get some reassurance at your appointment! 
What a relief!  So happy for you!
I just exist in a near-constant haze.  Every day kind of blurs together....I'm sure once the nausea passes it will clear up a bit and then I'll just have *normal* pregnancy brain.  :P
Best wishes.
I'm glad you're feeling better!  I'm on number 3 and I certainly had the same fears going from 1 to 2, and admittedly have it a little bit again thinking of the juggling act 3 will entail.  It's certainly a normal feeling, and I promise you your heart expands and you find a balance.  I agree with other posters, its more-so the baby that gets put down while you hang with the older one.  Also, I had some spotting the other day, but I am 9 weeks tomorrow....fortunately, I...
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