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I am going on vacation in a few weeks and my period will be starting at the same point. I get very heavy periods and that will be hard with all of the hiking and water activities planned. Is there a natural suppressent that will not cause me discomfort?
My just turned one year old just had an ultrasound that confirmed an undescended testicle. So I need to start my research into this. One of my worries is that he is going to need a cath and with him being intact I am worried that he could be retracted. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Kelly
Thank you so much, we are getting her a new seat tomorrow. I really appreciate your help!
Thank you for the info Melissa, I appreciate it! My dd's shoulders are a quarter of an inch above the top harness level and I just read two different thoughts on that. One said that if her ears are above the shell then she is too tall for the seat and the other said if her shoulders are above the top harness level then she is too tall. So which is it? I never would have thought that she would have grown out of her seat yet! So if she has then I will scrap...
My 4 yo dd is in a Marathon in my car and a Nautilus in dh's. She is a tall, solid girl but has a lot of room to grow in both. My ds is in an evenflo, the model escapes me at the moment, and he just turned 10 months. He can go rear facing in his present seat until 33 pounds and he is about 8 pounds away from that. So I would like to get a seat with a longer rear facing limit for him but that will also have a higher weight limit as a 5 point harness. I am thinking...
I think that my 6 week old son may have a dairy allergy, but I just do not know. Here are his symptoms: bad diaper rash, projectile vomit about two or three times a day, regular spit up, constipation where it hurts him to touch his stomach about once a day, wet burps, hiccups, he is very congested at night and he has smelly breath. Many of these symptoms would make me think that he has reflux but he is not irritable and he is gaining weight fine. I would appreciate...
So the ultrasound was ok. Any thoughts on how to know if it is dairy?
Thank you both for your replies. He is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow. I am leaning towards a dairy sensitivity. He has a very red bottom too
I have researched the symptoms of reflux and I think my one month old ds may have it but I am unsure. He will projectile spit up no more than twice a day, but it is a lot. He usually does it after a big feeding only. He is very congested at night, but there is never any mucous in his nose. He has wet burps often as well as hiccups. At times if gets so constipated that it hurts him if I touch his stomach. He is never irritable and he is gaining weight. ...
My one month old ds gets very congested, but only at night. He sleeps in the exact same spot, the exact same way during the day with no congestion. Any ideas on why this happens only at night and not any other time? Would a warm vaporizer or a humidifier help?
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