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41% Dixie. Barely in Yankeedom. I live in NY!
I was born in the summer (July) and I love the summer!
George Clooney
I talked to my dh a little at a time, that way he could thing about it and not feel attacked. Really all it ook was him watching the video below and me asking him to imagine that was our dd that was screaming like that after she was born. That did it for him! Here is a Mothering article: http://luckystiff.org/files/TheCase6Page.pdf Here is a video of one taking place. Keep your speakers on (we watched the 1 minute 42 sec...
Kangaroo Korner has a solerveil mesh sling as well as a cotton one: http://www.kangarookorner.com/k_shop...olarveil.shtml
Quote: Originally Posted by Maple Leaf Mama Hugs to the OP. Why would a prison want a female worker-ESPECIALLY with sex offenders to have their last name on their tag? Whose brilliant idea was that? Exactly! Not allowed where my dh works. Try googling the numbers. Such as: 123 456-7890 Sometimes even with a payphone an address will show up. Also, all calls should be monitored (or at least they are here, for victims' safety and...
I wrote too.
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 I had: Circumcision advocates aren't playing with a full dick. from www.whack-a-mohel.com
Yeah, I am finding the whole "realness" of the doll slightly unsettling.
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