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Hi all, I had a dye test done awhile back and I was told that I have a blocked Fallopian tube and that I should have surgery to correct it. I am very hesitant to do this and have hoped that we would conceive without me having to have surgery. They are unsure if the blockage is from scar tissue from a previous ectopic of if it is endometriosis. I am now thinking that if we want to have another child, then I should really just have the surgery. Time is a factor, for...
poop here to, MM sounds much better!!
I have bee following this, it is so sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by BensMamacita I'm forgetful. Sometimes when I'm joking around I get mean (I don't mean to be mean, it just comes out that way). Same here to both. Also, I take a REALLY LONG time to tell a story. I will start off ok, then it makes me think of something else, so I may talk about that or I will tell the person that the present story reminded me of this other thing so remind me of it later and then I forget what I...
Since some of you asked, I will try to explain the ickiness of these words for me. Armpit: I call it underarm. When I think of pit I think of smelly gross places. I can not stand the phrase, "MY pits reek." Ewwwwww. Panties: Ok, if teenagers or older want to call them panties, then so be it. It still makes me crazy though, but I can't stand to hear someone call little girl's underwear panties. Maybe it is from some ahhh "adult movies" that I have watched and...
Oh please let me clarify. This ddddc did not result from the thread on MDC. Oh no, a dear friend IRL after hearing me pour out my heart at my own house about how these 3 words make me cringe gave it to me. She is so swell.
Tom's Silly Strawberry here too!
Quote: Originally Posted by 3girlsmommy You think you are such a tough guy!! I can totally take you in some ways.
Yeah Sandi, well she is going down in a few days.
Thank you so much for this dddc. It is just wonderful that you could incorporate all 3 words that drive me crazy into one ddddc.
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