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Have you done any hormone testing?  OTC progesterone cream is very very low dose.  If your hormones are very out of balance, it may not be enough for you.  (For example, my SIL needed the equivalent of a 30-day dose every day for her blood tests to be in normal range.  BTW, she used Rx Prometrium or compounded progesterone for this.)  Compounded bio-identical hormones can be fairly cost-effective actually and may be less than the OTC cream.  Another thought is...
This is right on.  I never realized this until my youngest was diagnosed with severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.  The allergist stated that he should not come in contact with any nut except coconut.  I guess coconuts are more closely related to fruits than nuts.
My 5 y.o. really loves starfall.com and sheppardsoftware.com. 
My oldest was dairy free for 2 1/2 years after we realized that dairy was a huge trigger for his reflux.  When we re-introduced it gradually, the reflux was fine.  At first, his behavior was fine.  Gradually he had more and more problems.  I was honestly ready to take him to a child psychologist.  He was ALWAYS angry and just looking for an excuse to rage--his rages lasted for 30-90 minutes where he was completely out of control.  This happened multiple times every day. ...
Is there a natural way to get rid of pinworms?  TIA!
We're new to all this too.  Ds has a lot of environmental allergies.  You'll want to make sure to measure the room size and check the "Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR)" for the HEPA filter you have.  Hope it makes a big difference!
We recently did celiac genetic testing through enterolabs. We also looked at Kimball genetics. Both companies seem to be very highly recommended by celiac sites because of the specific type of genetic testing they do--alpha and beta or something (I honestly don't pretend to understand genetic testing!). We went with enterolab due to cost. We used cotton swabs to gather cheek skin cells (they use cheek cells, not saliva, for their testing). It was super easy and...
Just a quick background--my 2.5 year old has had multiple severe food allergies since infancy. He is allergic to 6 of the top 8 food allergens and has an epi-pen for 4 foods since he's in danger of anaphylaxis. All food allergies were diagnosed through an allopathic allergist through skin prick and RAST. The dr also made the comment after his RAST that he produces an unusual amount of IgE antibodies to all foods, even those that don't meet the threshold for...
I'm in Milford, Ohio and would like to find a certified homeopath. This is for my 5 y.o. with seasonal allergies. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the help! I will check out the links you provided. I'm looking for a classic prescriber who is local.
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